Start of Northwest cyclocross racing season on Unicycle!

Cross Crusade #1 (Unicycle category)
Date: Sunday, October 4, 2009
Time: 10:55am - 11:55am (arrive earlier to register and confirm time)
Location: Alpenrose Dairy
Street: 6149 SW Shattuck Rd
City: Portland, Oregon
Cost: $5 per race ($10 annual OBRA licence)
Phone: 503-233-2577

Cyclocross racing on unicycles: fun, mud, cowbell, heckling, prizes, glory!
2 miles of heart pumping fun!

Should be able to free mount.
Helmet required, must be over 10 years of age by end of December 2009.
Can print out PDFs (release/waiver, OBRA membership) online for first race.
Free for spectators.
Call Ben for other questions.

Cross Crusade series website:


Heart pumping fun!

Sounds like lots of fun. I’ll try to work one of these into our schedule.

what are the trails like. do you think their will be people that will ride in the race or is it too tech for cokers. thanks

The courses are a little of everything, and vary from week to week depending on the location, weather, and course selection. You can usually count on a little bit of gentle trails, grass, mud, gravel, barriers, and maybe a little pavement, but it’s not enough to make a 36" wheel worth it. (Up to 25% of the course is designed to be unrideable.) The Oct. 4th race at Alpenrose is maybe more grass and pavement, but last year there were enough off-camber slopes and slippery switchbacks that the usual advice of a 29" wheel or a little smaller still holds.

There have been two times I’ve seen where people chose or had to try unicross on 36ers, and there were just too many little bumps and lots of remounting.

The closest races to you may be Astoria (Clatsop County Fairgrounds, Oct. 31-Nov 1 complete with Halloween costumes), which is two races over two weekend days, and there seems to be a race set for Tumwater, WA, but the revised list wasn’t clear. Keep an eye on

Here’s one YouTube video from last year with the two-wheeled A racers at the end, when it’s messiest:

Although it’s impossible to capture the spirit of the event on a little video. Picture large cheering crowds (over 1300 cyclists attend), cowbells ringing, and some seriousness and silliness combined. Highly recommended, even to watch.

Yeah, cross racing is a hoot! I’ve done it (on a bike) before and it was intense.

Some guy at the park saw me on my MUni the other day and told me there would be a uni class in some of the cross races here in Louisville and Cincinnati. I’m searching for some more info on that now which I’ll be sure to pass along if I find any.