Starring in my next film

Yo. I’m looking for people to be in my next film. If you have a good camera and can film yourself then send the footy to me ( I can find a place for you. If you have a lot of skill (lol) then we’ll consider you having your own part. Sound Decent? We don’t have a lot of riders here, and i’m interested in getting people from around to be in a movie together. I’d take care of the editing and everything. All shots would be needed by the end of september. Hope I didn’t come off as a bad filmer guy in this thread. Just looking for talent around. We’re not a big name yet, but we’re getting there. lol. For more information you call also e-mail me. Thanks for your time.
Shaun Johanneson

what is the film going to be about, and what kind of footage do you need?
i can do some stuff but i dont think i would be able to travel to nd but i will be in wisconsin in two weeks if that helps or you could just tell me what to do then you could like cut me out of my footage and into your movie

Im not sure what style or what type of footy you want, if you want me to make anything and send it too you I will, but ive got no clue where ND is, im sure its not near me thoguh, im in so cal, but if oyu want some trials street muni or freeride stuff, i can try to get you some, but i dont often ride with a camera around if oyu know what i mean, but if oyu want i can try.

hey shaun,

Its Justin Kohse (kozy), we met when me. dan, and mike came through ND. HAhaha, good times, good times… anyways, i got a cam here, qualitys alright but i can film some stuff, ( street, or Muni- or street/Muni. But if ur interested i can hook ya up.

Let me know,


p.s. im the 24" street rider


Hey. Can’t forget you Justin. Ha. They were good times. For everyone else, All that’s needed, is for you to film it get the footage on your computer and send it to me via e-mail or something. Best quility for size possible please. Anything would be good. Street, Trials, Muni, Freestyle, Diffferent stuff, ha, Anything. Yeah. Thanks for any help. Remeber if you need anymore info. just add me, or e-mail me. Thanks. Laters