starbucks promo, will riley, Tony Torchia, alex, and Isaiah

A vid from an awesome weekend of riding, thanks to tony

Nice video! All of the combos and tricks were great! It looks like it was a fun ride.

Awesome, guys. Looked like a good time.

I <3 Will’s 630s.

Starbucks Promo - In response to the Mad4One promo!

The weather kinda screwed us so its a lot of flat.
Definitely a hell of a weekend though!

cool have you got hicks yet. it was a really fun weekend cant wait until naucc hope Will will be there.

nice one guys :slight_smile:

really enjoyable. i like the rolling wraps to body varial to rolling wraps. and well most of the video too :slight_smile:

Ive got a couple. Terribly inconsistent though!

Cool video, liked the seat drag down stairs and all the combos and some realy sick tricks in there!

I hate it when that happens.

Luckily this doesn’t stop me - awesome video. The music is from Scott Pilgrim, isn’t it?

Why use a round fork?

i cant watch it in germany could you upload it on vimeo?:slight_smile:

Yeah ill try and get it up on vimeo here soon


I’m in Germany, too. I use Tor to access censored content.

A law for state official censoring is about to be retracted (and has never been applied). And I think it’s because businesses are already doing so much censoring here.

Vimeo thinks only Safari can play HTML5 videos, which sucks. They probably use h264.

so from where do i get “tor”?

It should be in your package repository.

If you use Windows, I have no idea. I suppose Google will have, though.

Epic video! Tony, I didn’t realise how good you were! :astonished: