Standup WW On Carpet?

Would it be easier to learn how to stand up wheel walk on the carpet rather than cement? Or does it not really matter?


cement would be better to do it on…

carpet would feel better to land on. :roll_eyes:

Some carpets are actually hard to ride on, you always turn to one side, its really weird. I think its because all the little carpet hairs are brushed to one side.
Anyway, I think cement would be better to learn on, even though it won’t be as much fun to land on when you fall…

…unless the cement is wet.

But hey, what would steer more easy:

  • riding on a cyclepath
  • riding in sand (like a beach or desert).
    So when you are in the process of learning… what would be your choise; the carpet or cement?

In general, carpet sucks to ride on. Or do a show on. If you have a nice, rubber gym floor, use that. If not, wear the safety gear and stick to the hard, flat surfaces.