standup gliding

I wanna learn the standup glide, but i just don’t know how to start with it…
Maybe some of you can give me some tips?

I can do the standup wheelwalk, but i wanne go a little bit further now :slight_smile:

The way I do (is not THE way you should do it -stay creative yourself!-), but:
I just start a regular glide, and stand up. During the upward movement you will have to learn there is a certain balance in how much (or few) to lean forward depending on your speed.

Also have a look at the transition to stand-up coast.



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I just start a regular glide, and stand up. During the upward movement you will have to learn there is a certain balance in how much (or few) to lean forward depending on your speed (just like you have to lean a bit forward to be able to ride -start the continious fall-).
So hands on: just stand up! If you’re scared, do things quick. Before you know you’re standing there.

Also have a look at the transition to stand-up coast.

Thank you very much for responding so quickly,
(en natuurlijk een dikke merci voor de tips !)

I suggest starting out downhill. Do stand-up wheel walk for a few steps, then relax pressure until you’re gliding. Once you can do this for a ways, you can start working on gliding, then standing up on flat ground, as Leo shows in his video. For me the transition to stand-up glide has been extremely frustrating to learn. I got it the first time around the beginning of April, but despite practicing heavily it all summer, I still have only around a fifty percent success rate. I find I do best when I stand-up as quickly as possible, then let go of the seat as soon as possible, without thinking about it too much. Once you’re up there, staying balanced is not actually too hard in my opinion. I think you should probably know how to coast, or at least glide well with your gliding foot overlapping the fork and tire before learning stand-up glide, because, at least for me, most of the balance adjustments in stand-up glide are leaning back and forth, like in coasting, not adjustments in foot pressure like for basic gliding.

Could someone (Leo) give me some pointers on stand-up coasting? I can do stand-up glide, then take my foot off the wheel and coast, but so far I haven’t been able to coast, then stand up and keep going.

I noticed your reply, but it took a while before I had the opertunety to ride.
I do the transation the same like you; I start from glide, then stand-up, and then stand-up coast. Though sometimes -not really on purpose- I start coasting during the transition.

As stand-up gliding and stand-up coasting are almost the same I don’t know any usefull hints.
Except that -when stand-up coasting- I kind of stand on my toes. I see more riders doing that, have no idea why. To me it just feels better.
Maybe it gives more grip, and so more control during forcefull corrections.
Try it.

I actually have a question about stand-up wheel walk, and this seems like a good place to put it:

When I’m getting into it from idling, I go to one-foot idle, but I can’t quite find the right spot in the idle to grab the tire so I don’t fall forwards or backwards. Could someone describe the ‘feel’ of the magic point to me? Should I be getting up when the idling leg is straight down?

Hmm, idling is maybe a bit complicated to get up to stand-up, but i’d say this depends on the rider. First make sure, you can easily stand-up with the help of a wall or something else. The best way to stand-up, is to put one foot on the frame, and the other one on the frame and on the tire. This way, you can block the tire from moving forward rsp. backward, and controle it. Firstly, try to get up, while you have your hand on a wall or something else to hold up yourself. You don’t need to grab your seat, while going up, this is bullshit. The point is, while you getting up, your body does a security reason, in leaning forward, in case when you’re falling down, you see where you are falling (forward) instead of falling backward to something unknown to you in this moment. Because of this, you have to tell your body: hey dude, it’s ok, when i’m leaning a bit backward. Actually you aren’t leaning backward, so you really are on top of your hub, and building a straight line from head to hub although yourself feel like leaning to much backward and getting a bit scared, this feeling is the right one, but don’t overdo it :wink:
So, the next step is feeling well in the stand-up position. So, while you doing your first trys in standing-up, you will notice, that your feet will getting hurt in the first minutes, because of a new and unknown position. If you reach this, just turn some circles in normal driving in order to relax your feet. Ok, this is for your feet, back to the stand-up position: (To me) it is very important to feel comfortable in this position. That your muscles are relaxt, and you can easily move and control your body’s parts. You can test this, if you try to move your seat forward and backward with your legs. So, this behavior is important for stand-up wheel walk, you will see in the following:

Stand-up Wheel Walk:
There it goes. After figuring out, how to get up to stand-up, have a closer look, at stand-up ww. In case it is really easy to learn. Well let’s say, you can do the trick, after reading this (theoretically). Practically, you will need some more time. Ok. Remember, when I described, how to get up into stand-up. One foot on the fork. The other on the fork and the tyre. So, the leg with the foot on the tyre and the fork is the leg witch which you perform the walking. Just image, this leg is a wodden leg, straight from down from your bottom part to the foot. So, you are not be able to klink your leg at your knee. Sp, the origin walking part consists of three steps:

  1. Push with your walking leg/foot.
  2. Stop the tyre with the leg/foot.
  3. Move back your body.
    -> If you stop the tyre your body will automatically lean forward, because of physical laws. So, if you don’t move back, you will reach the floor sometime. A good hint for doing this is just to bring back your shoulders and bring your breast to the front.
    Well done, you learned how to do stand-up Wheel walk. After you learned these steps, your body will do this automatically sometimes and you don’t have to think of these steps.

Stand-up gliding:
Ok. You guys already figured out, to do this from gliding. So, i just want to give some additional infos. According to the fact, you dont need your hand to get up, you either won’t need it to get up into stand-up gliding :). Important for this is the gliding position which is the same to get up from the stand: One foot on the fork and the other foot on the fork and a bit of the foot is gliding on the tyre. This is a difference, because from the stand you block the tyre with the foot, here you’re gliding. So for gliding just a molecular contact between foot and tyre is necessary. For getting up, you will coast a few seconds. To do this, just bring down the ferse of both of your feets. Then you have the point where you can go up and without having fears that the uni can go forward or backwards. But this is a balancedifficulty everybody have to figure out on his own until his/her body can do it alone. Anyway your body will do a snakemovement to get up. Like a S-curve. Actually your body will do it automatically without your help, because your body is able to behave his own way. Just let him the freedom to do so, he will do it the right way.

So, enough. I’m sure i missed some facts to tell you. Hopefully you understand what i’m trying to say, my english sometimes plays fools on me :D. Anyway feel free to contact me, if i dont response, via im

ICQ: 107320842
MSN: unigossi@
AIM: unigossi

PS: dont be frustrated learning these tricks. I’m learning gliding to stand-up gliding freehanded for hmm one year (ok, the last half year more intensive) and my success rate is < 30%. Keep going :slight_smile: Keep the goal in your head and use it as your motivation to success.

Ride on

Hey! Most of what was in your explanation, I’ve pretty much got figured out. I guess I’m at the ‘do until you learn it’ stage. Your english is pretty good, comprehensible at least, which is more than I can say for any of my ‘second languages’ :stuck_out_tongue:

That said, it’s a very good description. Thank you for taking the time to post it.

Well, some additional and interessting notes, coming to my mind after the post:

  1. “The way you look, the way you get”, if you looking at the ground which is often done, you fall down. That is what i’m always telling my kids, when they practicing. That works fine. That is the way I learned the trick, teaching, telling, correcting whatever to my kids, and sometimes I tried this trick on my own, in my free training time, at least I learned it faster than my kids do :smiley:
  2. uh damn, i forget what to write here, while writing note 1)… confusing :wink:

But hey, no problem for the explanation… everytime again :slight_smile:

this and especially this show what the pedal position was like.
Oh, and once your up there, this could be a method to get back to the seat.