Standing or sitting idle???

I am just learning to idle and can only go back and forth about four times. When I idle I find myself standing up and not on the seat. Is it best to stay on the seat or to stand up or is it personal preference?



I just recently learned to idle, and am pretty good at it now. I found that when first practicing it, I’d use a lot of leg energy, putting a lot of stress on my knee. As I got better, I managed to control the idle while putting much more weight on the seat instead of on the down pedal. This was just like learning to ride normally, since at first you learn how to do it by keeping the uni stable with your legs, but with time and practice you learn to put weight on the seat and become more comfortable and in control.
So keep practicing, and try to focus on putting more and more weight on the seat, while still keeping the uni under control. I suppose you could idle without being on the seat (like with seat out in front), but I’d imagine this is very tiring, so initially it is best to learn sitting on the seat.

Definitely sit on the seat. All your dead weight is on the seat. the bottom foot is doing most of the work. Bottom pedal moves from about 8 to about 4 on the clock face. (Ideally, about 7 to about 5!) Look at something a long way away - don’t look down.

Search the forum and you will find plenty of threads giving advice. Good luck.