Standing on KH Cranks.

Hey guys,

Quick question that’s been bothering me for a while now.
Standing on my KH cranks is something I don’t find very easy. They tend to be quite slippy and obviously, being tight to the frame, don’t leave a lot of surface area to balance on.
I see others, when doing tricks like seat wraps, rolling wraps, crank rolls etc. having little or no trouble standing on the same KH cranks.

Can someone shed some light on this for me. Is it my shoes? I have noticed that the shoes I wear has caused me a bit of trouble when gliding, but this is a problem that has plauged me through a number of pairs of shoes. Is there a preferred technique?

Hope to hear from you soon,


I thought the same thing when I was learning flatland. But even without rollo disks, I don’t find flatland to be that much of a problem. You just get used to 'em.

Try KH’s rollo disks if you’re having that much trouble. UDC should have them soon if they are already sold out. They should help you out quite a bit.

I don’t do enough flatland to merit buying rollo disks. Perhaps it is something I will get used to, but it really is a pain. Whenever I try any of the usual tricks that require your feet to stay on the cranks whilst making some kind of movement, my foot slips right off.

Any help from big time flatlanders would be appreciated.

Thanks all the same beeper.

I’m not much of a flatlander, but I seem to have the same problem on my KH and Profiles. I have tried a different set of shoes, which seemed to help, but not much. How about trying some grip-tape?

It is normal when you are get involved to flat, in no time you will get used to stay on cranks

I primarily do flatland, and I have to say that Koxx cranks really helped me. I switched to them from my moments to try them out, and I love them. Kinda a pain for flip tricks though :roll_eyes:

edit: they hurt my ankles.

Grip tape.

+1, it works for me real well

you just get used to staying on them after lots of practice. you can also tilt the unicycle to angle them up a little.

Grip tape, rollo disks, and shoes!

The three will make it much easier. Using things like skate shoes instead of hiking or running shoes will help as they are more flat, and generally have more feeling to them than hiking or running shoes with more impact support.

Where is the best place to get grip tape? What tape is best?

My local skateboard shop has big sheets of it but I’d like to know if there is a better way to purchase it and if the quality varies.

The grip tape I use is the stuff found at some workplaces, it’s stickier than skateboard grip tape, more grippy, and lasts longer. It’s in a roll rather than a sheet. My other half nabbed it from her workplace when they were done with it, but I’m not sure where they got it from.

I just usually go to skate shop and ask if they have any scrap to kick down. I have bought a big square for a dollar or something once, usually the kid at the shop will hook it with some free chunks big enough for cranks.