Standard Routine

In standard at the naucc, if you go outside the square lines (I thought boundry lines) like to get ready to glide, do you lose points? Also don’t you lose more points when you fall if your seat hits the ground? If so if you fall off during seat drags do you lose more points because you seat is on the ground??



makes room for John Foss to write a page of information on this :slight_smile:

I’m sure the USA website has lots of rules and other information.

Your first question is easier: Yes you get dinged half a point for going outside “the box.” Some riders will accept this half point deduction in exchange for a longer setup space for a figure. But the point values of the figures were determined with the outer boundary in mind; in other words, they can be done within the space, but it’s not as easy.

For your second question I can’t give the most accurate answer, as there are better experts out there. For dismounts, the rules say this:

CROSS (+) = - 2 POINTS
A cross is scored each time an unintentional dismount occurs with the competitor landing on his or her feet with-out the unicycle being dropped.
A circle is scored each time an unintentional dismount occurs with a part of the rider other than his or her feet touching the floor (hand, knee, rear, etc.) or with the unicycle being dropped.

So the key phrases is “being dropped.” If the skill is Seat Drag, you can’t drop the seat, and I would then interpret the above to relate only to the rider. In other words, a cross if you just come off the uni, and a circle if the rider falls down (something other than feet on the ground).

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