standard crank lengths?

I’m trying to source 160mm cranks, the only ones I can see on UDC nz are 165mm’s in length. Is this for a reason? Does crank length:wheel size have something to do with it? Why for instance is there a 137mm rather than a 140mm length - the 3mm deficit must be for a reason?

PS I have found 160mm trial bike cranks, but I’m worried that there is some technicality that I need to be aware of that is causing the extra 5mm on uni cranks. :thinking:

The 137mm cranks exists to be halfway between 125’s and 150’s. If you want to try 160’s, try some.

I must not have explained this very well - the unicycle outlets in New Zealand don’t sell 160mm ISIS cranks, all the brands (KH/NIMBUS) are 165mm.

When I first got my ISIS wheel for my MUni I ordered some 160mm bike trials cranks. It cost me almost twice as much as getting Moments but I have never regretted it. I don’t currently use them now but they were perfect for the riding I was doing at the time.

Unicycling is just not a big enough sport to have all the sizes readily available.

No, I knew what you meant. I meant go ahead and try the bike trials 160mm cranks if you want, there’s no reason they shouldn’t work. The lack of choices on long cranks made for unicycles is mostly what Eric said, but also because more riders seem to want to go shorter anyway.

Just my luck the supplier hasn’t got any - only 170mm and 160mm square taper ones:( They are really nice looking cranks, does anyone know of a similar brand I could try to source?


Tarty has them, if you want to order from the Uk…

Edit: Eric is right, also if you want to order from the UK:

I have the Echo cranks and can vouch for them being good sturdy cranks. Not sure what is all available in New Zealand but in my initial search I found some 158mm cranks by Monty that didn’t look too bad.

I think that 158/160mm is pretty standard for Trials Mod bikes.

Koxx had 160mm cranks. Zero Q

EDIT: Lots of options on the link that Max gave. Some look great for tapping a second hole (great if you like changing crank sizes lots)

K1 Alu 160mm

My son rides on the K1 160’s, nice cranks, very strong, low Q, pedal inserts, need to use a pedal washer, otherwise they are a nice crank.I’d sell you his, but he’s using them :wink:

See if there’s a Koxx dealer in the area, at the same time see about getting a TryAll Stiky Rear Tyre 2.5, great muni tire, cushy and sticky without being to fat. I rode one for a while and really enjoyed it, but I’m a bit heavier than you, so I bumped up to a 3" and now a 3.8" for muni.

The K1 Light Cranks only come in lengths up to 140, so you need to order the regular alloy K1 160 crank. Nice cranks, lighter than KH, plenty durable.

I’d skip Echo, they are expensive and I found the Q to be excessive for muni; they are bike cranks.

If you call around, you might find some in stock, maybe Canada?

BTW, there’s nothing special about sizing 137 vs 140, it’s just like posting a speed limit of 42km/hr vs 40km/hr, they’re just trying to be special. Ideally, cranks would bump up in size by increments of 5mm, but so far we ain’t there yet, at least in a single brand.

So when’s your race?

23rd of April. I really shouldn’t be mucking round with gear at this stage, but I’m just curious. I’ve been riding ‘off road’ (grass & gravel & packed dirt) with 137’s on my 26" for the past 2 weeks and I really love how they feel, but my brain tells me they are too short for tech muni, so I’m not even gonna try.

I’ve been thinking about the 137/165mm dual holes, but I’d be using the 137’s more often than the 165’s and the extra length will cramp my style. (pedal strike)

I think its better just to switch wheels I’m using my KH wheel with crossmark tyre and 137’s for light offroad training rides, and my Nimbus wheel with 150’s and Tioga - I’m still waiting on my 2.7 High roller (Christchurch Earthquake has caused the delay) for tech muni.

Even though I appreciate all the links you guys are giving me, I really need something in NZ - I don’t have a credit card, so can’t order from overseas, plus there’s the time thing. I’ll ring my LBS now and see what they can do.