stand up ww

kk, how do you get up on the crown for a stand up wheel walk? i dont udertsand the transition from sittingto standing on crown…

Just jump up, I never bothered to land any ww pushes but I did learn the transition. I found that it was easiest to learn by holding onto a fence, and then hop up and get your non pushing foot on the crown and the pushing foot mostly on the tire and a little on the crown.

There are two main ways that I would suggest. First, there’s the way that julia described. Basically hop, and then have one large hop that the wheel stays on the ground and your feet landed on the crown in stand up position.

Secondly, and this is the one I like, is a three step transisition that I do from one footed idling. So first, one foot idle. You want the pushing foot on the crown at this point. Second, at the end of an idle, preferably with the pedal in the backwards position, lock the wheel with your pushing foot (still on the crown) and move the pedal foot onto the crown. Third, stand up relatively swiftly. You may or may not want to hold the seat while making the transition, you’ll have to try and find out what works for you. At this point you’re ready to start the trick.

i want to start learning this as well…

should you try to “hold” the seat by clamping your legs together? when you’re standing up i mean.

I’ve seen freestyle people do it like that, but I’m pretty sure it’s easier to just hold the handle of the seat.

well today i started practicing my idling again so i can get ready for it. i also tried mounting into a position where im standing on the tire to get used to the feel of being on something othr than pedals and cranks. i practiced balancing there as long as i could. if i have time imma try stand up ww this weekend. ive also been practricing wheel walking again to get used to it again

You should definitely use your legs/knees to keep the seat in position while you’re stand-up wheel walking. Using your hand would result in a very awkward and difficult balance point.

kk well i got wheelwalking and idling down! and have gotten close to getting one foot standing ont he corwn. i think i understand what you guys are talking about but if someone has time, could they maybe post a vid of them doing it in slow mo please :stuck_out_tongue: :o thanks

i gotta get on this, lol…i haven’t even tried yet.

I just recently started doing standup wheel-walking. Instead of idling I like to transition from one-footed wheel-walking. That way I already have both feet up and near the crown. I haven’t been successful at riding out of the transition yet but can sort of wheel-walk standing up after getting into the position while holding on to a lamp post.

  • I’m just learning and found that it is much easier for me if I don’t actually kick the tire with my foot. Instead I keep both feet on the crown at all times and with one foot applying light pressure on the tire I quickly pump my hips than legs forwards to glide the wheel under that foot. Many riders seem to use this body motion even when moving the kicking foot.

ok and to one foot wheelwalk i just keep on foot on the crow or something i presume?

Yes basically. The foot you are controlling the tire with will push it forward, than slide backwards over the tire. The friction of the backwards movement keeps you in control of the wheel. The foot only comes off the tire for a very brief moment if at all.

You can find videos of both one-foot wheel-walking and stand up wheel-walking plus pretty much any other freestyle skill at