Stand up WW

I’ve seen a few threads on here, but not with the problem I have.

For those of you that have seen my

video. I do a stand up ww at 2:24. However, I held the seat, and it was only one revolution.

I’d like to go farther and let go of the seat, but I have a few problems. One, I can’t let go of the seat when I jump up, or I usually fall down. I have trouble getting my feet in a good position too. Also, I can’t grip the seat between my legs, and I can’t keep the frame up straight.

Also, how exactly should your feet be? Pidgeon toed?

Could somebody please make a video tutorial?

plus one

plus two

plus three

plus four

Plus 5

Minus 6

plus seven

Well I cannot help you but love your riding

I’m not an expert on stand-up WW, but you need to get used to gripping the seat with your legs and making little pushes with your driving foot. The other foot holds your weight. Depending on your seat height the seat might not be in a comfortable place. Practice along a wall.

You don’t need a helmet for that, but when jumping on big rocks & stuff you do. Your parents bought you a unicycle but not a helmet? What’s wrong with this picture? Your riding is great. Your brain must be worth at least $20 (the price of a basic helmet).

That was awesome! sorry, I can’t help, but I do agree with John, I always wear a helmet when it comes to rocks and trials. Infact, what surprised me the most was you don’t wear shin pads… How?!? my shins are wrecked lol