Stand up wheelwalk and Koosh Koosh

I have been practicing a lot of trials stuff, so I have decided to work on my freestyling a little bit. I would like to know, which is easier to learn first, stand up wheelwalk or Koosh Koosh? I really want to learn to stand up wheelwalk cause it looks sooooo impresive.
Could any of you give me some tips on how to stand up wheelwalk as well as Koosh Koosh?

 This would be a big help.  :)


Do you mean stand up koosh koosh or normal koosh koosh?

I prefer forwards stand up wheel walk.
Learn by starting from a wall and following a wall, it may feel real odd to start off with but then becomes natural.

Ive noticed 2 differnt ways of doing this trick, one is not moving the body and only the leg/foot of the foot that is pushing the tyre.

The next is a motion that includes most of the body and is faster :wink:

Its important with this trick to keep upright,


errrrrrr…whats a koosh koosh? is it something insane that ive never even seen or just a different name for something?

It’s not to be confused with couscous (a food; look it up). It’s one of the limited number of skills, transitions and mounts that have names and definitions officially listed by the IUF. It’s found in the Rulebook. The Rulebook is found here:

An earlier version of the rulebook is in web form, so you can look tricks up directly. The Standard Skill List portion of the 1998 Rulebook is the same as the current one:

As the tricks get more difficult and complex, it gets harder to definitively say which one is harder than another. Much of this has to do with what you have already learned, and personal preference. For tricks such as these, the best way to figure out which is harder is to work on both. The one you get first, assuming you give them equal time, is the easier. :smiley:

Unicycleboy, I was talking about regular Koosh Koosh, not stand up Koosh Koosh.
As for the stand up wheelwalk I can go along side a wall pretty well, and I can go from pushing off a wall not holding on to anything. But I was wondering, How do you get into stand up wheelwalk without holding on to anything?


Ways to get into Stand up wheel walk without holding anything?

well the only one i know is the jump with no hands into stand up wheel walk its easy to learn but its took me so long to learn riding into stand up glide with no hands :slight_smile:

or do you mean without using a wall?

one footed wheel walk is a good way to get into just hold the seat and the foot on the fork basicly stands up and wallah!

theres the jump from standing kinda easyiest way to get up as i started.

If you have seen the japanese do it, they are unbelievable at it.


Unicycleboy, Thanks for the info. What height do you have your seat at when you stand up wheelwalk?


usually above my knee caps. I have the seat the highest i can ride with :slight_smile:


There is a lot of stand-up wheelwalking, including several kinds of getting into and out of it, in the videos that John Childs put in his ‘Japanese Freestyle’ gallery <>.

Klaas Bil

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Hey Thnx for the links Klass :slight_smile:

now have to download them lol