Stand up wheel walking knee pain

I’ve been trying stand up wheel walking for a couple days now, and it’s going well, but I find I quickly get pain in my, uh, knee pit (kneebow? Area behind my knee? ) that feels like I’m over extending it. I feel like that means I’m doing something wrong. The actual riding is progressing well, up to like 15 feet, and I feel like more of a dolphin kicker than a foot kicker, if that helps. Has anyone had this issue before or has some advice?

Stand Up WW Pain

I have never personally had that specific issue(behind the knee). I have had pain in the hip and thy while learning standup ww though. My tip would to be remember to keep your pushing foot off the frame while pushing. Also, try to put the majority of your weight on your “frame on” foot. I think that would re leave any leg pain.
Hope this helps.

Would you mind to post a video of you doing this?
Then it would be easier to what you are doing (or what not).