Stand up wheel walk

After the uni spin , my next goal is to stand up wheel walk. I have started doing this, but my foot keeps catching on my frame (I have an old, non rounded YUni frame). I just bought my 661 shoes on thuesday, and its ripped the sixsixone letters off the bottom (and believe me, they were on good!) Im not too worried about that though, no one is going to see the bottom of my feet much, but it makes it so much harder when your feet catch on the frame.

Anyone got any tips? I dont really want to be buying a new frame (yet :stuck_out_tongue: )

Oh, and is this the proper name for it? 'Stand up wheel walk?'33



Stand up wheel walk is one of those tricks where your brand of unicycle can make a BIG difference. The frame type is a very significant factor in how hard the trick is to learn and perform. As most of your weight is supported on a tiny part of the frame the size of that contact point is very important. Try maximizing this contact point by experimenting with different shoes and foot positions.

You should position your foot on the frame so that it hugs the frame as much as possible. The easiest way to do this is to angle your foot so that your heel curves around the back of the frame slightly. This helps the foot to have as much contact with the frame as possible. When I do stand up ww my weight is mostly on the ball of my foot rather than the arch.

The frame foot should also have the heel positioned higher than the toes as this will help maximize the “wrap around” effect and keep that tiny contact point as large as possible.

Hopefully you will find some one on rsu who can comment on whether it is practical to learn or perform stand up wheel walk on a Yuni frame. I would hazard a guess that is is but am not surprised your foot catches on it.

I’ve done stand up on a customized miyata and a purpose built freestyle uni and it was an order of magnitude easier on the custom frame. The increase in contact was from 1/2 a square inch to 1 square inch.

Thanks peter…

I wil try that! :slight_smile:

I shall post a pic of my shoes when my batteries come…

Thanks again,


Re: Stand up wheel walk

I think If you used some less grippy shoes it would help make the pushes of the
tire more smooth.