Stand up backwards coasting and Backwards coasting

Which one is the easier to learn? I imagine the stand up backwards.

There aren’t too many hardcore Freestylers on here, so not sure if you’ll get any experienced responses. I have minimal experience, from many years ago. My gut is that sitting down is going to be (a lot) easier. But neither is going to be even a little bit easy. :slight_smile:

I’d say Arthur Richards would be a good one to ask. His backwards coasting on Unicycling is not a Crime is pretty sweet.

I’ve done some tiny forwards stand up coasts inspired by Arthur but I don’t make it very far compared to him. I imagine stand up backwards coasting would be far harder than sitting down since you can’t smoothly ride into it- or maybe you can if you are good at jumping up.

Coasting is such a nice feeling! Keep at it.

I prefer to sit. But you NEVER should apply statistics or opinions of others on yourself, before trying yourself.

Here’s Daiki, sitting ft in and 1 ext: