Stand stills!!!

God i hate these! How can adam and Kris do these?

Practice practice practice!

It helps if you do a lot of riding on skinny things. Practice on railroad tracks or something similar, and you’ll find stopping isn’t too much harder than riding…:smiley:


do you have weight on the seat, or are you standing on the pedals?

I always thought you stand up and pinch your seat between your knees

Curiously I find stillstands easier if it’s in preparation for something, like a hop or riding forwards. When just trying to stand there for the fun of it I can’t do it for long before needing to hop or ride to avoid falling over, but if I’m stationary waiting to cross a round or something similar I can stay there longer.

No idea why… possibly because instead of actually stopping you’re still going through the motions, but much slower.


is a ‘standstill’ what u call it when u do it while riding backwards?

i can do a stand still for about 20-25 secs, but i’m the same as phil, when i do it whilst just ridin’ or something it just seems second nature, especially with trials stuff

Definitely weight on the seat works best for me. This might be different on a rail or something, where there’s more going on. But on flat ground, definitely sit down to get the best feel for your balance point.

People were asking about “standstills.” The name in the Standard Skill List is Stillstand (which comes from artistic bicycling). It means to balance in place without moving the wheel, for minimum 3 seconds. You can’t do it while riding backwards.

I kinda meant like the big long ones adamn ryznar is holding in UNIVERsE (can’t get enought of that video mmmm mmm)

I think that Gild meant a play on stillstand vs standstill so that if you enter a stillstand from riding backwards you call it a standstill. Kindof like David Stone calling backwards one-foot riding toofeno. It makes sense if you think about it long and hard enough. The room is full of smoke here, so…

Good job, Myxilplyc. :slight_smile:


I have to say I’m with JF on this one…sitting on the seat is easier. But I do have to say that when I was first developing this skill I would stand on the crank arms and then slowly sit on the seat. When I got comfortably balanced on the seat I would start moving my feet out to the pedals. I try to sit up as straight as possible and keep my weight on the seat centered directly over the axle. I also have some two wheeled cycle racing in my history and I’ve learned to do a track stand on them thar two wheel contraptions…

…but all that is history, at least for the moment. Last week I impressed my Physical Therapist by balancing on my formerly broken leg for 30 seconds. I never imagined I would experience a time in my life when it would be so difficult to stand on one leg. Nor did I imagine the pain that could accompany such a simple balancing act!

I still have a long road ahead, but I will ride again soon!

Stick to it, Bionic Man. You’re doing great! You and John and Jeffrey and I learned to ride together on a deck, so I’m rooting for you.

Stand stills!!!

So, uh, shouldn’t they be called “Stillsits”?

Unless you’re riding backwards… then, of course; “Sitstills”.

Welcome back, two-legged man.