stand still record?

is there one? if so what is it.

oh snap

Around 15 minutes afaik.

Yes, a solid 15 minutes was done at Unicon XIII in Tokyo. There were two brothers from the Philippines that were both very good at it, but the older one, Richam Almacera, was the winner in two separate competitions.

To get really technical in a stillstand competition, you would need some sort of definition of how much wheel movement is allowed. There is some natural movement to the front and rear, a few centimeters or more, which I don’t take issue with. The hard part about the stillstand is maintaining balance side-to-side. Probably the best way to do a formal stillstand competition would be on tiny little platforms. Offer support to help the riders get started, then remove the supports. Here’s pictures and video from the 2004 event:

  • First competition, during Trials comp
  • Second competition (the final) at the Track (several shots and a video clip) In the video you see the two brothers, and Sonya Theiss from Germany. She’s also a champion in the Slow Races. The group shot at the end of the competition is Richam’s brother, IUF founder Jack Halpern, Richam Almacera, competition organizer Steve Dressler, Sonya Theiss, and co-organizer Bill Gilbertson (Gilby’s dad).

wow i thought my record of around 4 minutes might have been close, ive been supa-humbled