Stall Hop Thingy

Since I don’t know what this is called Im just going to refer to it as the stall hop trick. Okay, when i come up to a ledge and hop onto my crank (stall) i am not able to hop from my crank arm to my tire! Ive tried it a lot and I am unable to get enough height to pull my tire up more. I have a Torker Dx, maybe the weight is affecting me or im just looking for an excuse. Any help would be greatly appreaciated.

riding SIF helps.

pedal/ crank grab

pull harder

using what ever your ride is, is a excuse.
unless you are complaining about how a savage broke off a 3ft drop.

What you’re trying to do is known as “going to rubber”. It’s not too difficult (I found just learning crank grabs was harder) - just gotta get a feel for it. Kinda jump at a slight outward angle so then your wheel doesn’t catch the ledge, then pull it back in sharply when you get high enough.

And yeah, saying the weight is messing you up is just an excuse. :stuck_out_tongue:


I have a dx to so I can’t see that as being the problem. I also had trouble with the whole crank grab thing. All I can say is jump higher and keep practicing. :slight_smile:

As long as you can jump about 10-11" you shouldnt have a problem I found the hardest part was ballencing before you hop to rubber but after a few trys it should be easy.

thanks a lot! ill go practice more and see if i can get it.

DX is an exellent unicycle, the weight does not make much of a difference, I am right handed, so I jump on SI, then change to SIF, and use one hand on the saddle, and lift my crank up, then jump, instead of just jumping from when I get my tire on the ledge.

I recently learned how to do this. You will have to learn how you have to land the crank grab so it puts you in a position/angle to hop up to the object rather than throw you right back off. Lean into the object when you crank grab and you shouldn’t have the “right back off” problem. Once you get ready to jump, give it a good hop off of the crankgrab position and pull the seat up with you…give it everything you’ve got if you haven’t done it before. Also, if you think you might not land it…you wont. Use the “I have to make it up here” attitude

After reading a small how to on trials mentality I was able to do this within a few minutes after a few days of failing.