I’ve just had a really strange experience. I’ve been stalked by a geezer on a bicycle.

He made a nice comment as I rode past. Then he rode up beside me along the prom, asking stuff like could I give him lessons. He followed me off the prom and up the road, riding just behind me. And every time I stopped eg to cross the road etc he would look at my wheel and talk about making one, while I tried to get away without being totally rude. He followed me all the way home. It was really off putting.


Whoa, Cathy. That’s to be taken seriously. :angry: I had been stalked unwittingly for three years once and it ended in an attempted rape. I left that town in fear a week later.

Let everyone in your family and neighbors know about it, AND the cops. Write down facts about the experience while it is fresh in your mind.

Might be a perfectly harmless confused old fart. Could be someone with some heinous intentions. Just can’t tell.

When ever I suspect a stalker I make my way to a police station, never home. They tend to disappear pretty quick. I have been followed like that only a few times. The three year thing was really spooky hence my flight from the town.

Keep us posted and take care!!!

Soly Hhit


If the guy was in any way lewd or suggestive you should report it to the authorities immediately with a description of the guy. The police can and will do nothing but it is at least on record if it happens again.


Thanks for changing the spelling of heinous.

Edit: By the way, what’s a “geezer” and an “old fart?” What are the qualifications?

The guy was a sprightly 70ish. Had he been any younger I would have been seriously alarmed and, although he did nothing but talk about himself - not local, comes from Stoke on Trent and going home at the weekend, he made me feel seriously uncomfortable.

I did think about not going home but the police station here is shut at the weekend and I couldn’t face the thought of him ‘stalking’ me for 5 miles to the next police station. I only went home cos I thought these days, with having to drive 50 miles to work I am rarely there without my husband so didn’t feel too unsafe.

However, if I ever see him hanging round here I will tell the police. And I will change my route until the end of the week.


Ps Blake, how aweful for you. It sounds like you had a horrible experience.

Being stalked is scary.

Harper, these are the qualifications:

Must have some physical suggestion of age such as gimpy walk, hunched posture, or obvious frailty. I think geezers also have some issue with respiration/aspiration . A persistent cough, aspiration of spittle, and accumulation of stuffs at the corner of mouth.
Commonly seen in waiting rooms and pharmacies.

Old farts:
Gray hair or balding over weight or thin as rails. Some issue with hygiene, some kind of cap or jacket with a trade-related name on it like Bob’s tires, or Joe’s electric. Good source of raunchy jokes. Commonly seen in poolhalls with the tall seats that are easy in-easy out, and greasy spoons at 10 am when the wives are at the coffee clutch.

Wives of Old Farts are typically level headed, at least here in the south. You can tell a level headed old lady because she has snuff running out of both corners of her mouth.

This thread has been jacked. I let out a guffaw at this post.



carry a cellphone! It’s also good to be able to make it “ring”…then answer it and carry on a fake conversation with your dad; momentarily pausing the phony phone call to say to the “stalker”: It’s my dad (or husband) and he just got promoted to CAPTAIN of his police precinct! And he just wanted to check on me…he’s always tracking me on GPS and knows where I am ALL THE TIME…isn’t that cool?" (Back to the phone call) What? Oh it’s just this man on a bike following me…(start describing him in detail!) Oh, ok hold on a sec…(to “stalker): My dad (husband) wants to know your name and where you live…he’s so protective…” The guy rides away…:smiley:

I’ll try to remember that.


Just print it out and read it every night before you go to bed! Then you won’t have to try!:smiley: (lol) Sometimes a little creativity can get you out of tough spots, and a sense of humor helps to. Failing that, if necessary, use mace or a stungun! I think it would be cool, if you have a dog, to take him with you!

If I could have overcome my mother’s instilling the need to be polite into me, then I could have told him to get lost. My unfailing politeness has got me into trouble in the past. Be careful what you teach your kids!


The college campus here in North Bay gives whistles to those living on campus. Some noise would probably ward off most unwanted actions. Also, learning some basic self defence techniques can help (like a good kick to the “boys”).

Hopefully, the person you encountered is of no threat. That would be the best thing.

I had a very similar experience while riding my unicycle one day.

I was peacefully enjoying myself riding, and I hear some dude behind me coasting(you know, that clicking sound bikes make when coasting). Then he rides up beside me and like looks at my uni, looks at me, looks at my uni again, then repeats like 4 more times, and at this point i’m thinking he has some mental problem, which he did. Anyway I finally look at him and put my arms out and say “what?” Then he goes, you look like a clown, dude. I proceeded to say…“uhhh…so?” Then he says “you know, like from a circus, you look like a clown…and I reply “ok…”. Then he says it again, and I’m like ok wtf’s wrong with this idiot? Then he says, “have you ever been to the circus and like seen a clown on the unicycle”?. I told him no. I’m already annoyed at this point, and then he’s like “I used to bmx, you know, like tricks and stuff…like this, watch” and he does a wheelie, spins his handlebars and when he lands immediately falls off. He goes “Yeah I haven’t done this for a while”…and then attempts the handlebar trick like 10 more times failing every time. Then he goes “you see that? that’s true skill”. So I just kinda roll my eyes and say uhhh yeah whatever you say man. Then he starts asking me questions about me, like how old am I, saying I look younger than I am. So I start to think he’s gay and at this point I’m just utterly annoyed and disgusted as he’s been following me like 10 blocks already. So I start to pedal faster to try to tire him, but unfortunately I was on a 24” with quite long cranks, so that proved useless as he easily stayed with me and kept coasting off and on. He asks me “do you like rap”? I do truly like rap, but I shouldn’t have made the mistake and told him I like rap, so he starts saying “lets go back to my house and rap man, I’m good at rapping, you know, I’ve been rappin all my life and I used to write poems to my girlfriend”. Then he starts rapping as were riding, which was needless to say extremely annoying. People in the neighborhood were for once not paying attention to me unicycling, but looking at him with a disgusted face. So I just start ignoring him pretty much, not listening to a word he says, because every single thing that came out of his mouth was complete bullshit, and I’d just reply “yeah…” to every single thing he said. I thought this should finally get rid of him. But, no, It did not. He went on and on and on and on…AND ON… about usless bullshit for about literally 4 miles. I am tired by this time, I had been unicycling all day beforehand, and had extreme saddle soreness. We were next to the highway also at this point on the sidwalk and he starts pedaling ahead of me doing jumps off the curb towords traffic, and I’m so annoyed and disgusted and tired of him that I’m honestly just saying to myself “cmon…just get hit by a car or something…god just make him go away”. Now, I never wish bad things on people. But this is the first time I did. Anyway, after a few more jumps off the curb he turns around, and says “later dude”, and rides the opposite direction. I immediately get off the uni and just say , THANK GOD, and rest my sore self for like 5 minutes and watch him ride far away to make sure he gets very far before I turn around and start making my way back.

I didn’t want to be an asshole and be like ok, dude get the fuck away from me, because he was 26, was bigger than me, and I just couldn’t imagine what he would do with his mental disorder.

After this happened , I decided to never ride in my neighborhood again. This was a couple weeks ago, and I still do but rarely, I just put my uni in my car and drive somewhere else.

Although yesterday, I rode out to the end of the driveway to start practicing riding backwards…and…there he was…at the end of the street. He saw me and immediately started pedaling very fast towrods me. I got off the unicycle, ran as fast as i could into my house. I saw him out front, looking for me in my house, then he turns around and rides back up the street. I dodged a damn bullet.

Anyway, thats the end of my long horrible story, and hopefully this will never happen to me again, or anything similar happen to any of you guys.

Ohh I almost qualify as an Old Fart, Don’t have a Hygene issue, but damn, I don’t feel old, I even have a hat with Bob’s Tires on it.

I have been stalked many times, usually on trails. Fortunately it’s just people who want to watch me ride, and who don’t know how to break the ice. I keep riding to one side, waiting for them to go past. If you’re going to slow down and not pass, it’s polite to say something…

The 26 year old (how did you know his age?) described by Derek might be mentally ill, someone who doesn’t know how to make friends or carry on a balanced conversation very well. Since he already knows where you live, there’s no harm in telling him you don’t want to talk to him.

For Cathwood, your description at the top of the thread makes it sound like maybe he wanted to get into unicycling. He may have been fascinated enough by the unicycle to be unaware of his social blunder. Or he may also have “social difficulties” like the guy above. Of course until you know otherwise, it’s safer to assume his intentions may not be honorable and keep an eye out for him. When this type of thing happens to me I tell people where to go for further information (, here, local club, etc.). Then I might tell them I have to go and don’t have any more time to talk.

He told me his age. He may not be mentally ill, but I’m pretty sure he was because of the duration he followed me with me practically ignoring and how many times he repeated what he was saying.

Getting a bit more freaky today. As I drove out of the cul de sac down which I live the same guy was loitering at the end of the road (which is actually right by the house as we live on the corner).

I’m not so much scared of him. I just don’t want the hasstle. And it’s going to really annoy me when I want to do one of the usual routes and don’t really want to incase he’s hanging around. :angry:


just get really close to him. instead of him following you, when you see him, you follow him wherever he goes. thatd be funny.