i just started trying to go down stairs but im having some trouble. it doesnt really feel like im riding down the stairs, more of falling down them and then trying to land on my wheel at the bottom. From the videos ive seen it seems like most ppl are able to ride down stairs more or less like a steep hill. when im riding down them (only 3 of em) my tire just skids across the corners, not really slowing it down at all. i was able to land it once or twice, but like i said, it was more of a bumpy fall than a controlled ride. any suggestions? i also think the stairs are on the steep side.

Its cause your going faster than you need and you actually, from the momentum of your speed, are almost clearing the whole set.

Slow it down just a tad bit, go straight to the stairs, with confidence, stand up a little so the bouncing doesn’t bounce and hit your crotch, keep hold of the handle, and you’ll be fine.

Riding down 2, 3, and some 4 sets, if you just go at them fast enough, you will almost clear the whole set.

I imagine that the stairs are just a slope. As jerrick said, stand up a little and try and ignore the bumps. Definatly hold the handle, I lock my arm in between the handle and my body and I find that helps a little!

Other than that, just keep at it! You will get it sooner or later!

Rock on!

I’ve never tried it but from what Edd says, I guess you should try MUni and get good at it! What I do for bumps is just stand up a little. Also hold on to the handles when learning. Make sure you don’t mind breaking it, or get one that’s meant to be tortured that much… I dunno, they say 5-step at least to get the hang of it. says(or used to say) to begin with those weird shallow steps toward house doors. Try it all. Make sure you land on your feet, though.

for small stairs skidding down them is fine. if you can control it and pedal fast enough it works well. i have done 16? stairs fine skidding down them. if they are too steep you will end up jumping or just rolling off and falling down missing the stairs. going fast will make it smoother but it will still be rough.

why not just jump the stairs :roll_eyes:

because you can’t jump down 18 stairs.

I second that (halfway)

i learnt the other day because my uni is not in any condition to be jumping anything. I suggest to slowly riding up to the steps and carry on down them untill you no longer fall off. Its easier to develop your own style/way/thing then trying to copy someone else. Practice the shit out of, it took me about an hour to be able to ride down smoothly.

ya i think ive pretty much got it now. almost stopping at the top of the stairs really helps

:roll_eyes: =Sarcasm and I’d bet there are people capable of clearing an 18 set.

been a few years since i have done anything that lame. :roll_eyes:

a 15 set just got cleared at my school. Their making way for a new building

26 stair

the other day i learnt to ride down stairs
i started with a 3 then a 5 then a 26


yep if you can do three you can do any amount of stairs you just got to have the guts the first time to do it and just do it

Wow, I didn’t know they had even invented stairs yet in tassie!

says who?

Skrobo can hop an 18 set backwards!

only on the 09 torker.