Goodrich, Paul - TEB wrote:
> >> Another notable unicyling feat was that of Bernard Munier of France. In
> >> 1971 at age 20 he rode a unicyle down the 1,700 steps and landings of the
> >> Eiffel Tower non-stop withut touching a rail with his hands or a step with
> >> his feet.
> Wow! I can’t lay claim to anything that fancy, but my teammates and I rode
> down the Round Tower of Vor Frelsers Kirke in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1968.
> Made quite a hit in the local papers.

    At school, we have very broad stairs that lead down into a large
    courtyard. Each step must be at least a foot wide; there are about 10-15
    steps from top to bottom. It's pretty good to learn on because if you're
    not comfortable riding strait down, their is about 200 feet of length to
    each step, so a unic can regain balance before riding down the next
    step. Even though it's not very difficult, I've managed to get a miriad
    of responses from local passers-by: everything from gasps to a comment
    on my unicycle prowess (at lest, that's how I decided to recieve it).

                                    - John Larkin