Finally figured out how to upload to Youtube. You can see I was kitted up like Robocop for this. It was a bit more intimidating than the smaller flights I had ridden up to now.


Very cool. Having a brake is mandatory right?

You could hear it? /s. Seriously, I need to clean the rotor and sand the pads on thaf brake.

You don’t really need one though, especially on smaller flights of stairs. I was riding a flight of four stairs repeatedly last weekend and I never touched the brake for those.


I could see it. But yeah I think it can hear it too.

Really cool though.

You can think of stairs as just a bumpy descent. If you have the ability to control your speed without brakes while descending a similar slope to the flight of stairs then the stairs will only be slightly harder to manage as you will be doing a bit of bouncing. Once I start getting into 30 degree and higher descents my ability to control my speed becomes questionable without a brake and I learned to ride muni with one, so not using it just seems foreign to me. My daughter on the other hand crashed a couple times trying to use hers and now never touches it.

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Makes sense. Thank you!

Pretty cool!
I imagine that was a great sense of achievement too