i would like to know how to go up and down stairs.

i mastred the art of dropping of a 2 foot curb, landing, and riding off the other day, but when i tried to go down three stairs that together didnt make 2 foot, i crashed

it would also be nice if someone could tell me how to jump, and bounce higher than 2 mm off the ground

I think the trick to hopping with the seat in… is to always be pulling up on the seat.

  1. Get beside your target stair.
  2. Bounce a bit.
  3. Then push down a bit more on your unicycle and pop up, pulling on the seat.
  4. Try to stick it.

Get a big tire, 2.5, helps too.

Yeh a nice unicycle can yelp.

Step one
Bounce near drop either forwards or sideways, doesnt matter ( i prefer forwards)
Step two
Lean forwards a bit so you can get the forward momentum
Step Three
Step Four
Try not to just jump to still, try to always ride out of the jumps or you could buckle the rim :wink:


if you cant hop very well, dont expect to be able to clear sets. that involves a lot of horizontal hopping. first, practice bouncing with as much time in between each bounce (bounce, wait, bounce, wait). this will give you more time to wind-up for your hop. once you have gotten used to that, bounce until you feel you are at equilibrium, then crouch, and leap up as you would if you were jumping off the uni, then use the handle/bottom of seat to pull the uni up with your seat. make sure you can hop high enough on flat ground before you try to hop on the curb/stair. practice, practice, practice. to clear sets of stairs, either balance next to the top of the stairs and then side hop down (usually with a 90 degree twist to ride out of it) or doing a rolling hop, with requires you to ride, then push down on the back pedal and lift up. this is hard because to successfully do a rolling hop, your pedals have to be lined up.

Whatever you do, don’t constantly be “pulling up on the seat”. That just strains your arm, and bends your seat. Rather, hold the saddle as loosely as you can while still maintaining control, and pull only when you need to bring the uni up under you. I agree with Muniracer, don’t do sets until you can hop, preferably don’t try and clear a set unless you can jump up it first (not neccessarily in 1 hop). Also, if you are having trouble hopping, mabey you should forgo the 2’ drops in favor of more interesting, satisfying, and useful things such as muni and hopping up stuff. Drops just break equipment. I know that once I’ve jumped on a 2’ box, I get off and step down, since I don’t get on top of stuff just to jump off of it, and I want my cranks to last more than a year. Finally, don’t be discouraged, it took me about a month to learn to hop a 4" curb. And precision and control will come, just practice.

On another note, I just got back from 3 hours of rock trials:D :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: . After the muni weekend, I’d been just dying to find a place with a bunch of rock to jump on, like granite bay. Well, a week ago, they lined a local road with large boulders, just perfect for trials. The skill level ranges from 30cm bunny hops, to 110cm pedalgrabs onto awkward surfaces :astonished: . It is almost entirely precision moves, and a few 3’-4’ gaps I could only do to my chocolate side. I just love it. I had a bunch of small jumps onto some awkward, slanty stuff, and I got to pedalgrab a couple of big rocks. I still can’t touch the 110cm stuff (no reason to jump off it, unless demonstrating something), but it was still interesting.
Thanks Willy (I hope someone gets this).


P.S. I can drop over 6’, but I can only do 7 or 8 sets, which never add up to more than 4.5’. The sidehop involved will always make sets harder.

and before you try and launch yourself over the top of a 10 set, make sure you know your limits. if you do a side hop, the tire will fold over. get used to jumping at a diagonal angle.

do what i did: start with the curb in the street and then practice jumping onto soda cans. then worry about stair sets. they are difficult because you dont have much room once you are on them. that is why it is good not to prehop on stairs.

Geez unireed… don’t push the guy. These things take time.
It’s only been 6 1/2 years. :stuck_out_tongue:

i wrote this more to help other people who are reading this based on the search function. if i found it, so can others.

the more you hop, youll get better and go higher.

i disagree. uness you mean hopping onto things. just plain hopping isnt going to get you higher very quickly.