Stairjumping writeup.

so many of you guys want to know how to jump more stairs, and to tell you the truth it isn’t that hard. From what i have seen the biggest mistake when attempting a stair set is that you jump out, not up at all. This method is almost as if you are riding and hoping that you make it far enough before gravity yanks you down.

so that is what i am basing this off of. you know how to get down stairs and are looking to do more. You can jump down at least a 4 set every time.

now, first thing to work on is rolling hops for distance. if you can jump 6 feet(most decent riders could/can with 2 weeks or so of practice) you can jump over the length of a 6 set, on flat ground. crazy right? Therefore, you can easily jump an 8 set IN THEORY. in fact, my sidehop is 7 feet, and i have sidehopped an 11 set.

a few things inhibit this
3)lining up at the top of the stairset.

The first two can easily be knocked out at the same time. start with a set that is REALLY easy to jump, make it a little harder, add something to the bottom to jump over, or set a point to make it over that is a few feet past the bottom step. as in the sidewalk off the 4 set for me. This builds confidence for jumping the next higher stairset(the biggest steps are only 8" high)

lining up the stairset, there isn’t much i can tell you here, later in the thread im sure ppl will say oh, this is the best, or this is, but i think its something that you learn on your own, and get good at over time, and as important as it seems jumping over that 6 set the first time, it really isn’t that bad to bail a 5 set, you can land on your feet easily.

now, the biggest tip i can give anyone, work your way up. it doesn’t matter how long it takes to find the right stairset, i would not suggest adding more than 2 steps to what you have done previously. anything more than that is a noticably higher drop and will affect your landing even if you can hit the distance. I went from a 6 set to a 9 set with a crappy run up (it was pitch black too), that was a HUGE difference, and i was lucky not to hurt myself.

I really wish there were some good sets of stairs to jump here… :angry:
Good advice though, but I still wanna see your 12 set :smiley:

i want to find a bigger one IE a 14 or 15 that is rather shallow. i know of one, but its a 45 min drive … and some money and against the rules im sure… AND extremely dangerous because of the run up and landing.

i have a short video to look at ifyou don’t know what im talking about. if you can’t grasp it, i suggest not doing bigger stairsets.

the crappiest video job i have ever done, but it should get the point across.

Thats a really good video :smiley:
It actually helps alot

Good advise. When it cools down later I’m gonna go outside and practice.

I see what you mean about jumping up, but, do you push your legs forward? You sort of look like your trying to do that one excercise where you touch your toes, if you know what I’m talking about.

Whats your highest hop up something skrob’?

I like how the vid shows some scenes from your other vids but then cuts out :slight_smile:
I know you probably made it in like two minutes but its just funny.

You should also post this in the Articles and Tutorials section so it will stay at the top longer and more people can find it easier later. You had some very good, helpful, suggestions though.

eh, highest ever was 34"(maybe something higher, idk…not much if it was) i havn’t been riding enough to do that right now… but you know how that goes.

yeah, i didn’t want to waste too much time. it was more like 30 seconds :stuck_out_tongue:

Well you obviously need some speed in your rollup (to clear a 8 set for example), so that momentum will be part of the equation in helping you to clear it; otherwise, we’d all be able to simply hop an 8 set forward from static. dead start. Hence, the term: “Rolling hop”.

So if a little extra speed helps you to clear a longer set, but you don’t get a great deal of height, so what. Yeah, it looks better, but if you roll hop a set and clear it, then that’s a successful rolling hop.

I say this because I tend not to get the greatest HEIGHT in my rolling hops, and I launch in the correct way; pedals parallel and stationary throughout the jump, then rollout on touchdown. Maybe it’s just a tad harder to get a lot of height height since I’m doing all my rolling hops with a 17.5 pound MUni with an extra heavy LM rim! :stuck_out_tongue:

All I can say is for anybody my age to CLEAR, let alone ATTEMPT an 8 stair rolling hop is kinda crazy anyway!

don’t jump for height, go for distance.
there is a huge difference.

Haha I agree! Just hopefully when I go for distance I will naturally get some height. I really want to try to do a tire grab or something like that since it would kinda force me to go UP and out more.

what tyre pressure are you using when you jump these mass stair sets??

oh and by the way sick photo in your avatar

i always ride really high pressure compared to most people, i have a hella prehop and do trials pretty fast, so its 28-30 usually. I don’t change it for a stairset unless its on the low side.

How do you land and not get rebounded? I have 45 and the landings are mushy and often try to buck me off. I need to raise it back up to 60-70.

i didn’t even mention landings… oh well. you land standing, smoothly go to sitting, i have never been rebounded, ever. i probably have, but i let the uni hit the ground b4 i put any pressure on it. so i throw my weight into the back pedal and end up pedaling very hard backwards while riding forwards, then i ride away.
i don’t think i land like most ppl do.
i’ll try to make a slow mo landing …

actually, its a lot harder for me to land w/ a lot of tire pressure. the uni wants to roll too fast

mega slow motion landing.

Not rebounded off the uni, or into the air, just you can feel the tire regain its shape back and it makes sticking the rideway harder.

i know what you mean, it helps if you land straight and make a hard turn, but thats risky for obvious reasons. if you go off w/ just enough pressure to make it you won’t have too much of a problem, i know what you’re talking about though. i usually run into it with higher pressures though, cuz there’s less rolling resistance on impact and the uni goes out in front of me.

Holy sheeite how much do you weigh??? :astonished: Also with too much psi, how the heck would you get any tire compression?