stair sets

when jumping like a 6+ stair set, how do you keep your momentum going fowards and not up?

Jumping up or down?


I’ve always wondered dat 2

I can’t jump stair sets 4 shit

i talking about jumping down stairs

erm, jump forwards… ive never had any problem with it :s


Try leaning as much forwards as you can. That’s what helps me when hopping forwards. Or jump sideways and turn in the air so you are facing the direction of your jump.

ok… ive hopped everything up to and including a 10 set. Rolling hop is the best way to do it (and i think hopping sets from in place hopping is stupid anyway). So you need a really good rolling hop. Make sure your pedals are going to be lined up correctly first. When you hop, its not about height. I only get like 10 cm or less of height when i do sets. You want to tweak your wheel forward too to get maximum length. Most of all though, you have to get it through experience. Go to my gallery at and download the video with the 10 set hop and double set hop… the double set hop is a good example of the tweaking.

hope that helped, Kevin

those videos rock, TB, nice work!

I don’t tweak

I need to tweak

thanx for the input

tugboat, your vids are awsome. The 8 set rail grind is insane.

thanks… get out there and bust a nut trying handrails… they are awesome.


tugboat your seriously a f**king nutty guy. I love it, your my inspiration for now doing stairs and crazy stuff of drops and gaps and hand rails. Do you have any suggestions?

Also is that a summit uni your using, does it have any mods to make it sturdier for ur stuff, and what psi you use about?

Ive got to disagree with you about Non rolling stair set hops being worthless though I can only hop a 6 without rolling.

haha thanks man… not really any suggestions other than dont get scared. i mean obviously some stuff is gonna freak you out, but trust your balance, and overcome the fear. only one way to land a trick… you gotta try it first. you wont get hurt if you land it… and just take the slam.

yeah its a summit… only modification is that it has a viscount saddle with a reeder handle. and i have no idea what psi i ride at… i ride with whatever my tyre happens to be at time haha.


It’s surprising to see how unlikely you are to hurt yourself when trying out new stuff.

If you roll or slide out of the crash you’ll be just fine.

you just wait gimme 2…3…maybe 7 years and ill be jumpin down that many stairs…ill show them ILL SHOW THEM ALL