stair sets: sideways or rolling?

i can do it both ways but lately ive been doing it sideways because ive lost my nerve. basically is is easier to do it rolling or sideways? and which way would allow you to clear the most?

i realize that i have also posted this in just conversation by accident.

if your doing it sideways, make sure you do it at an angle and roll out of it a bit. Rolling hop should get you a bit further, but if your cranks get up to it in the wrong position it’ll be really hard…

you can do more steps easily rolling because you have built up speed to cover the distance

I wish i could do it rolling all the time but i’ve got the nerves of a small girl. Definetly rolling if you can do it, it looks way-cool.

well i can clear a 6foot gap by side hop and about 2feet with a rolling hop so if u can do it with a rolling hop i say stick with it even if u can’t pull it off all the time, looks so much better and takes more skill to do it, plus more u pratice the more offen u will stick it

side hoping seems to be alot easyer.
i usualy try a stair set at a side hope first but usaly when theres alot of steps. But i do prefer to clear the steps in a rolling hop. It just feels a more of a achievement.

doing stairs rolling looks a hell of a lot better

You can’t sidehop 6 feet… unless it’s a drop also.

You’re exaggerating.

how do you know?
lots of people can sidehop 6 feet, more if its rolling
EDIT: NVM you live in the same area

rolling hop takes MUCH less skill IMO
but I gap everything rolling, therefore, I am better at it, I think it depends a lot on the terrain you ride and your style.

Ive been side hopping stair sets mostly and the highest i have cleared was about 6 or 7 stair. But just before my unicycle gave in i began rolling hops (finally managed to gather the balls not to need a ‘pre-hop’) and after a few hours can get about 4 steps and then my crank broke off.

I have refitted the crank but do not trust it anymore, it is not good to ones bollicles when a crank comes of when landing.

Go rolling hop, just keep practicing. You can always save the side hop for when there is no room for a run up.

i have seen people do 6 feet, its not impossible

not at all, i would bet 50 ppl can do it, i have seen 7 feet, and maybe more

I personaly hate seeing people do sidehops on a set of stairs. For some people it may be a bit easier to side hop them, but its really ugly and once you start doing larger sets you really need the rolling hop to help transfer forces when you land. You also don’t get the same feeling of exhileration when you do it with a sidehop, plus when you sidehop you stop dead which is mucho bad.

Yes, we are good friends.

it is easier because the pedals don’t have to line up so well, but sidehopping stairsets is lame compared to doing a MASSIVE rolling hop-shifty.

Your pedals never have to line up, you just need to learn how to hop with your pedals at any position. Plus there will always be a point at which your pedals are lined up, that point may just be a bit closer or further from the edge than you want.

[B]the trouble ive found with sidehopping down a set is the fact that

  1. its not smooth
  2. your tyre can shift a bit backwards if its a bit wet and ive had some bad bails down 8 sets doing that, it totally muckes up your sence of balance

i still like doing them…but not as much annymore because i can do more tricks. e.g. revs, 180s/360s orr shiftys! (yehhh)

but im a noob so what do i know =]


this is true, but the difference between the hops is substantial
i can jump about 2/3 as far w/ the pedals in any position other than horizontal w/ the left foot forward

you have over 1000 posts, you can gap an 8 set, and youre a noob, something doesn’t quite add up…

An 8 set is easy, its not that hard for a noob to be able to do it, all you have to do is be able to pedal fast and jump.

Plus why scrutinize, you don’t need to know every detail about every member.