Stair Riding

So I’m going to try and ride down some stairs.
I need this to make sense before I try though. Correct me if I’m thinking about this all wrong, but isn’t riding down a flight of steps just like riding down something that’s declined, except more bumpy? I have a 24KH so it’s not a matter of having too small a wheel. I think I have to perceive it as just a bumpy slanted ride, nothing more. Anyone think differnetly or similarly?

that’s actually exactly what I tell people when teaching them to ride down stairs. just keep pedalling fast, and lean forward a little bit, and it’s just like riding down a very bumpy hill. make sure you stand up on the pedals, of course, because it’s also like doing several small drops all in a row. and if you do even a small drop sitting down, it can hurt. ( :

I usually pull the seat up into my crotch when doing stairs, standing up makes me fall. I’m am running a 24x3 gazz and air seat though, so it doesn’t hurt at all.

I used to try to keep spinning as fast as possible. However, I have recently discovered that it is much more secure (and sure) for me to ride down slower and much more controlled. I focus on locking myself into the pedals yet keeping my knees and hips as relaxed as possible.

I think that riding down stairs is SUCH a rush! For me it is like skiing black diamond routes - without the hassles of ski lifts.

Keep workiin’ it!


Obvious tip:
Ride down a curb.
Ride down 2 stairs.
Ride down 3 stairs.
Ride down 4 stairs.
Keep riding down more stairs until you’re like Yoggi.

It takes about equal skill to:
. Ride down 20 long stairs (more width than depth).
. Ride down 10 steep stairs (even width and depth).
. Ride down 5 tall stairs. (more tall than deep).

It’s just a bumpy hill !

Thats what I figured out after learning stairs. When I first started, I could get down the stairs ok but kept falling off when I got to the ground. Got it now tho.

If your on a 24inch wheel stairs should not be hard at all. Just a bit scary at first!


Just Do It

As Drew said, start small and then progress, but the whole key is to commit to doing it. Its sooooooo much mind over matter and after you do it youll be like…wow, that was easy. Ive only been riding for about 2 months or so, so not alot of experience here, but stairs arent that bad. I go slow on some and use the back foot for resistence and control, while some friends just fly down them…its all about getting comfortable in what your doing, not really right or wrong. It was easier to learn stairs that were short and deep as oppossed to the steep ones…but aftr doing them, stairs are stairs…Good Luck.

i stand but pull up really hard on the handle so i’m just off the seat. start medium pace and be ready to pedal fast. it’s basically like riding down a rough hill. don’t stop pedaling and don’t try to slow down/change direction at all. at least while learning. once you start just go with it.

this is one of those time where leg armour is definitely required even if you don’t usually wear any.