Stair Jump on MUni

I’ve been wanting to try this 7 set for years now, and finally decided to go for it before “retiring” from the more extreme aspects of this sport. Scary since I haven’t done anything like this for a long time! Felt great to land it though! (Took about 5 tries!) :o:D

Not bad for an old guy. :wink: (jk)

Seriously, that was nice! :slight_smile:

Epic! I hope the first 4 tries when you didn’t land it didn’t hurt too badly. :slight_smile:

What wheel/tire size is that?


The first attempts I cleared but had too much psi I was pitching off the front upon landing. Reduced psi a bit and that did the trick. I usually start off with more pressure just so I won’t pinch flat, then reduce if too much.