Stainless steel MUni frame

This weekend, while babysitting a CNC mill at my shop, I decided to see if I could build a reasonable copy of a KH24 frame. Because the only material I have on hand is stainless steel, that’s what I used. I mainly wanted to try “ovalizing” a round tube. It’s always great fun to smash things in a hydraulic press! Here’s a link to the result:

I’ll admit it right now - I tried to copy the KH frame as best I could. My apologies to Kris or anyone else if this isn’t cool. Again, all I really wanted to do was smash something!

A common topic of discussion is bearing holders. In my business we use a lot of “shaft collars”. They come in all different sizes and materials. It seemed like a good idea to start with shaft collars to make the bearing holders. I scrounged around the shop and found a couple of used 1 1/2" collars - a one piece and a two piece. These made adequate bearing holders - and were easy to machine - but relatively heavy. I always like to use 27.2mm seat posts so I found a piece of 1" schedule 40 pipe. There’s nothing about a 1" pipe that actually measures “one inch”. I bored the inside of the pipe to fit a 27.2mm seat post and turned the outside of the pipe to fit a standard seat post clamp. This operation took the longest amount of time - about 2 hours. Because the pipe was of the “welded seam” variety, it was difficult to bore since the weld seam would quickly dull my boring tool. I don’t recommend using welded seam pipe!

The frame turned out pretty heavy - 1280 grams. It was fun to make and turned out o.k. but I don’t think I’ll be making another one - it was a lot of work!

Steve Howard

Looks great!

Yes, stainless steel. Looks great! Good job!
In addition to that, while baby sitting? only stainless steel?

Well done, that looks really nice. I’ve learnt some good things about frame design and building from this frame that I can keep in mind when I get my custom frame made. I’m getting a frame builder to make it. Congratulations,


those shaft collars look just like the bearing holders on my 26" Profile fork,that must be what they are using too.interesting…


From the pictures, it almost seems like it took all of 10 minutes to put together. I realize its more work than that and probably took at least 20. :slight_smile:

Great job. You have a unique opportunity that many of us don’t have with the availability of tools. Can’t wait to see what you come up with next.


Ahhh!, the bitter sound of tool envy -I know it well!

You continue to rock, Steve. Do you have any etching equipment? Would be cool to photo etch the frame… you could put Bruce and Me on either fork, shaking canes and scowling…


Re: Stainless steel MUni frame

That’s almost as much as a 3 inch Gazz:D
Once again great job