Stainless Steel Maggie Lines?

Hey all,
Anyone on here know where to get a nice set of stainless lines for a shorter rider (5’6")? Also, what kind of break fluid is recommended, aside from water because I like winter riding too much. This is for a Magura HS33, pre 2005

No idea sorry. Try a LBS?

sorry did you mean a fluid other than magura brake fluid?

a good local bike shop should have the ability to mke magura lines to the lengths you desire.

IMHO, the stainless lines are not worth the additional cost. They still break, just in different ways. My $170 UDC investment was not worth the cost.

On a coker, I’ve switched to a ~$20 (free in my case) cable brake, and I’m much happier. I’ll probably run my old maguras on my muni in the near future.