Stained Glass at BUC

Hi guys,
If any of you attended BUC15 and had a good look at the Leaded Glass Unicyclist Sun-catchers that Tall Claire made then we’d love some comments.

If you liked them you can contact Claire through her website

For those wondering what I’m on about I’ll post a followup with links to images when I’ve processed (gimped) them into something suitable for adding to the recent works section. (on the site).


Didn’t see them at BUC but I’m always up for a bit of uni house bling at a reasonable price :slight_smile:

I didn’t see them either. When/where were they being shown off? Some photos would be cool to see.


There was one on display on the sofa where there were lots of tshirts on Friday. It looked really good, definately worth finding photos, unfortunately I didn’t get a photo of it (or anything actually!) so can’t help you there other than to tell you that you will love it!

They were also upstairs outside the conference room after the video comp

Re: Stained Glass at BUC

As promised,
Leaded glass sun-catcher from Claire Gibbs at Radiant Glass aka Tall-Claire:

There was also one with beige-orange arms/legs/head and an pearlescent blue body to the same design. I have an image but it doesn’t have any light behind it. So I’ll hold our for a better one when it returns.


Very pretty