Stadium saddle first impressions

I just received a new stadium saddle from UDC. I have been riding an old Kris holm fusion saddle from around 2008. The out of the box the Stadium looks really good. It has clean lines and the quality appears to be fairly good. The foam is much firmer than on my KH and about 1" thinner. When I tried to install the Stadium saddle on my uni I had to first carve off a sprue left over from the molding process, other wise no issues.
Riding impressions. The lower arch of the saddle makes it easier to move my more sensitive parts out of the way. The firmer foam and the center pressure relief channel causes most of my weight to be supported on much less area and will take some getting used to. Padded riding shorts should help a lot here. It is longer than the fusion which allows for more leg movement when peddling this should help chaffing on longer rides. The handle on the front is longer also but I dont really notice an improvement over the KH. The rear side finger cuts make gripping the rear of the seat more solid.
I will give an update after some longer rides. Until then Uni Up.



Wow this old kh freeride looks enormous by side, and curved a lot!
Have you tried some more recent models?

Its heaver too. I hardly rode on it so Its still fairly new looking. Just the normal marks on the bumper and handle.

So what saddle had you been using the more before getting the stadium?

I love the Stadium so far (have it on my Muni 24 and 26).

I had the Nimbus Gel previously and when you compare it to the Stadium side by side, the Gel looks very bulky, heavy and banana like. Since I’ve got the Stadium I find my Muni rides much more pleasant and the rubbing I used to get with the Gel is now gone :slight_smile:

In my opinion the Stadium is a geat improvement :smiley:

I have the stadium on my 26" muni with the shadow handle setup. Love it. The firmer, narrower back of the seat has reduced chafing. I removed the plastic grab handle on the front of the stadium, because of my handle bar setup. It remains to be seen how the stitching running through the middle of the stadium seat – holds up.

2 week review

After about 2 weeks of riding I have come to some conclusions about this saddle. The cut is still good with less chafing than my previous saddle. However the foam is just too firm to be truly comfortable. I have to use cycling shorts when I ride. Otherwise I cant go very far. All other aspects of the saddle are fine. Like anything I think I will get more used to the firmness, but right now its a bit painful at the end of the ride. This may be good for some but I think this saddle will not be as appealing to the average rider due to this problem. I have a new uni on the way with a Nimbus Gel saddle and I will compare to that and see if there is an improvement for me.

I’ve got the KH zero which I dubbed the a$$ hatchet at first but now I’ve got used to it or my butt has turned into a giant callous–either way is OK. The upshot of my experience is that it can take quite a while to accommodate the new harder styles of saddles so don’t give up on it yet. It took my backside a few months to get used to the zero but now I like it.