**Stack It Up Game**


You have a couple issues that need to be addressed. One dibs was already called on that trick. Two you cant edit between tricks… I think you were fliming for “back it up”… check the other page… that game has not started.

Im going to head out to my shed, I havnt ever landed that tyre step but I will give it a shot and see what i can do, if i get it on film with another trick can i still put it up instead of emiels?

right now you need to do the varial thing, a 180 unispin, and add a trick.

Scrap that, my brothers parked a car in there so I cant ride. Maybe I will take part tomorrow.

Good news guys,

I talked with someone at vimeo about users being able to add videos to a channel, without being the MOD for that channle.

There will at some point soon be a feature just for this. So we will have to bare with what we have now and just use the call dibs/links box to post the link.

Sorry if it this is all confusing now but it will all start to roll smoothly.

Yea, Ive been meaning to work on that growing up thing… hmmm. Tell me, however do you do it, haha.
Anyway man, you should really check out vimeo. Not only is the video quality better than youtube, they allow HD and have no 10 minute cut offs. You get 500mb a week. Plus once you have an account if you like someones vid you can download the the full size version to have on your computer.

But I understand, why the “F***” would you want to go through the hassle of setting up an account on a a really cool video hosting site anyway… sounds like a scam or something. Or are you to old to be changing your ways?.. that must be it.


I can’t do that varial thing, or a blind 180 flip… I cant stack it up, so maybe i’ll get lucky and someone will do an easier trick for back it up.

That is not the current back it up trick… its left over from uni trix. You cant start a channel without a video so I just used that to start and test the channel.

If you want to start back it up pick a difficulty level and upload a trick.

learn the varial, I think it took me around half an hour, it’s a fun trick too.

hmm. I’ll enter easy. Not too sure how the standards in rank are working, so i’ll do that. Thanks!

PS. Did you get the shipping money yet Sam?

I agree. Its not too hard of a trick and the game is only gonna get harder from here.

EDIT: yes got it… yesterday, thanks.

read the description :slight_smile:

How do I add a clip to the back it up - easy channel?


I stacked it up, but my line sucked… i hoped to much and in the wrap that i add!

here is the link… i already posted it on the chanel…
The Video

If you think that the video is not good enough you can delet it!.. Tomorrow i will film a better line…i was too tired today…

Bye…and feel free to delete it!

What the hell why is everyone making a big deal about this?

I just don’t like signing up to heaps of stuff.

And it probably takes longer to upload there than youtube.

It was a little sketchy. The main problem is someone already had dibs on that trick. If they dont upload a vid then we can decide on if yours is too sketchy or what.

Ah man, I wish I had gone out and filmed something now, Im not doing that wrap thing, im out.

Ok it was really sketchy… here now is very dark… i have light on my street…but probably if i go out with my camera someone will steal the camera, the uni…or “steal” me… ehhehe

If anyone stack it up…tomorrow morning i do it again… (it’s hollyday here :smiley: )


It can be faster or longer depending on the video and how many other people are uploading. When vimeo is not too busy I find that it is faster than youtube for 20mb or bigger videos.

NO! :angry: … that is the objective of the game!..You learn new tricks!.. i learned today the Seat in, tire step body varial!

I know that you learn evertyhing very fast :wink: ! Just try the wrap it isn’t hard! :smiley:

bye… and don’t desist!