**Stack It Up Game**

Stack it up on vimeo. Its the trick combination game and its back.

Starts with one trick, the second clip will contain the first trick along with a new trick. The third clip contains the first trick, second trick, and new trick… and so on.

My plan is to try this game on on http://www.vimeo.com. I have created a channel for this game and all you need to do to play is create an account and drop me a message http://www.vimeo.com/samhaber. It should be neat being able to keep all the videos on the same page ever evolving.

I think any current Player/Moderator can add you to the players list… Still working out all the details. I could use some help making sure everything flows well. Posting thoughts, questions, comments here will work, tho there is also a discussion section on the stack it up page.

Miles uploaded the first trick… who’s game?

im in!

Added to the list.

I’m in, my name is Reef if you didn’t know.
Actually f*** it i don’t want to have to make an account for that site.

sounds like a cool idea, but i dont think i have the tricks for this :frowning:

why did you make a post for that? rude…

It was edited. I didn’t know you had to make an account, I wanted to play.
Chillax man.

You should have just deleted the post if that was the case.

I wish I could play - if only I had a camera.

Who cares, Ya’ll should stop whining. Grow up. I didn’t want to delete it so at least people would see I wanted to play. Geez.

I’m In!

already subscribed the channel :smiley:


Ok Im in, I dont know how much I will play, depends how much time I have, I still need to finish the video Im making already.

like reef i’m not going to create a vimeo account just to play this game… let’s just use what we want to put our vid…

– bobousse, too bad i wanted to play

I’m not sure why everyone is complaining about having to make an account. It took me about 5 minutes, and it is awesome. So much better than youtube and all the other vide sites. You can upload 500 mb each week, which is huge… so you can actually upload decent quality and Hi definition videos.

Come on, join, it’ll be fun!

I hope vimeo goes as big as youtube, its better in many ways.

If you dont want to make an acount dont play. The way I look at it, if your going to go to the effort of filming and editing, spending about 30 seconds to put in your name, email and a password doesnt seem like much. I think its a good idea from Sam and he has clearly gone to some effort to make the page look good for us. If you want to play go on and make an account.

Whos going next? Its hammering down here, getting dark and I have alot of work to finish so I cant.

You have to create an account here to be able to post. You have to create an account on collaborative art sites. This is a collaborative online unicycle game on vimeo. It really has nothing to do with this site. I am hoping unicyclist.com has the right traffic and interest and we will have some good times over on vimeo.

This is just a fun way of making use of a cool online broadcast service. If you are interested it should not be a bit deal to create an account.

I have decided to give it a go, so im in. i have signed up and subscribed.

im in…When does it start?

im in i cant figure out how to join the game tho…i think we should do unitrix/back it up on there to

Okay guys. You will need to pay attention to whats going on in the “call dibs/post link” box.

If no one has called dibs or it has been over 2 hours since they have and still no video, you can call dibs there. You now have 2 hours to film the line and upload your clip.

When your clip is uploaded to your vimeo account, go back to the dibs/link box and post the url of your video there. it will get moved over to the front page for you.

I am wokring out the best way to have the videos go up as quick as possible. More mods will help, the more you are used to vimeo the better everything will flow.

As for the back it up game. check out http://www.vimeo.com/backitup