Stack it up easy/medium no rolls

Stack it up no rolls unless everyone wants to =P

i’m in

im in

in :smiley:

_ _ _ muni123
_ _ _ jelle
_ _ _ Bavo
_ _ _ xjuggler4x

I can set the first trick tomorrow if you want

yer set it man!

perhaps we should begin with about 5 tricks or something :), it’s easier otherwise it’s quite boring at the beginning

yes, we could just name 5 tricks and then start adding with videos

so 360unispin - hickflip
Matt or muni123 can name the next trick :slight_smile:

360unispin - hickflip - seat whip

I’ll play

I’ll fill in the next trick so 360 unispin - hickflip - 270 unispin

I haven’t been around for a while so sorry for not posting. Can someone please refresh me on the rules.

someone sets a trick, another one does that trick and ads one directly after it, then the next person does the first persons trick and the second persons trick and then ads one and so on :slight_smile:

360 unispin - hickflip - 270 unispin - bigspin

360 unispin - hickflip - 270 unispin - bigspin - backflip

I guess we start now. Good luck everyone.

thanks, you to :slight_smile: