stablizing crutch?

“Yahoo! News”; at the Michigan University poeple mastered to ride a unicycle (even backwards);,mnOD=News,mnOD=My%20Documents,dc=record,dc=www,dc=goshen,dc=edu&folderviewer_attrs=contents~br~prev~list~next~

But, I can’t imagen what a stabilizing crutch should be.

Maybe something like this?

What a coward anyway!

Casselberry-Scott said he has experienced a certain acceptance at Goshen that he did not find at his former school. When I was at University of Michigan the kind of people that go there don't like people who are different,'' he said. When I was riding though campus you would get maybe two or three people who said `That’s cool,’ but most would insult me or call me stupid.’’

Makes me wonder if many kids who actually would like to try unicycling are being held back by the possibility of being ridiculed.

Uh, the article and students seem to be (currently) from Goshen, Indiana.

That’s the Midwest in general, if anything. Being at a hoity-toity university probably doesn’t help. But plenty of top unicyclists also come from the Midwest, so it’s not impossible. Plus, we did hold all the racing events at the 1981 USA Nationals at the University of Michigan Track & Field House. The all-time Obstacle Course record was set in there. That’s 18.95 seconds, by Floyd Crandall. Since then we’ve changed the course layout.

I think he means crutch like the one that you use when you break your ankle. I used them at first, but they were actually more of a hindrace, so i didn’t use them for very long.

i think it just means a regular crutch, like when you break something. I tried 'em at first, but it didn’t really help me very much.

wow, that’s weird