St. Paul Uni



So Michael (Unreal-Wheel) and I went for a ride yesterday by the Science Museum in St. Paul. The riding’s not the greatest since we’re both quite rusty after winter, but we had fun. Hope you like it

Oh and I know the song’s overused but Michael edited it, not me :stuck_out_tongue:


Pretty good video guys. I’m really looking forward to see more footage.

Nice vid. It was cool how you did a 1.5 flip up the ledge thing and still managed to catch and finish the line. I liked that. Guhjob.

nice video guys I liked it a lot.

kudos on the 1 foot coasting, whenever i do it i madly squish my balls…:S

Wow. . .I feel the need to go practice. A lot.

Nice video.
The wheel walk at the end was nice.

Mighty fine fellers!!!

Nice vid!