St Patrick's Day rides

If all goes well I will be riding what is being billed as New Jersey’s shortest St Patrick’s Day parade. It is in Matawan, NJ - my home - this Friday, March 16th and runs from the Bank of America parking lot (boo hiss) on Jackson St to the Washington Engine Company (hurray first responders) also on Jackson St, a total of 2 tenths of a mile. It begins at 6pm and is scheduled to end at 6:10pm. I will make sure to get some photos and perhaps a video. It will be the first time I have ever participated in a St Patrick’s Day event other than having a few beers. I will definitely ride the route a few times to warm up.

Here’s the route. I’m so excited.


Oh and this is what I normally ride in. I think I’ll opt for a different top for this event. :stuck_out_tongue:


Here’s the promo.


Don’t you have an attractive red t-shirt that would be appropriate for this occasion?

I’ll be riding in Auckland’s St Patrick’s Day parade on Saturday, on my 7 foot giraffe which is fittingly painted orange.

As a matter of fact, I do Greg. But I’m going to pass on it. I was actually thinking about that shirt the other day and wondering if there were any still around since I’ve lost a substantial amount of weight.

Just add a green backpack and you’ll be perfectly suited! :slight_smile:

The “parade” was as short as advertised but sadly anti-climactic. It was a marvelous display of disorganization starting where it was supposed to end and actually only having a handful of marchers. I’m guessing about 300 people showed up, but no one marched. I asked if I could ride the parade and they said yes, but with so few marchers all of whom were in one way or another expecting to be a focus of attention, I felt it would be awkward to join them. Below are the couple of pictures I took and there are a couple of crappy videos I shot here.

But it was a ride and a few kids got a kick out seeing a uncyclist so what the hell.

Happy St Patrick’s Day all!



Well done then.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!