St. Helens Unicycle Drill Team

Anyone remember them? They performed in a lot of parades (Rose Bowl, etc)
and were based in Ohio. Are they still around?

Re: St. Helens Unicycle Drill Team

— Snark <> wrote:
> Anyone remember them? They performed in a lot of
> parades (Rose Bowl, etc)
> and were based in Ohio. Are they still around?

I remember them! In fact, they are hugely responsible
for my interest in unicycling. As a youngster, I used
to see them every spring when they would perform in
the parade in my hometown festival. It was always the
highlight of the parade for me. I think my father
even has some old home movies of them. They were
located in Newbury, Ohio, and up until a year ago I
lived about 15 miles away from the school.

I called St. Helen’s several years back when I first
started getting into unicycling and asked if the drill
team was still around. A lady told me that they
disbanded it because it was so hard to find a coach.
About a year later I met another Ohio unicyclist who
told me that he was the last coach that they had. He
said that the Pastor there was not really interested
in keeping the drill team alive, and it pretty much
fell apart. I guess most of the unicycles they had
were sold or given away. They had some pretty unusual

I used to dream about volunteering there and getting
it going again but we moved down to South Florida last
year, so that’s the end of that dream…

PS: There is still a sign as you enter Newbury which
proclaims it as the home town of the world famous St.
Helen’s Unicycle Drill Team.

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Nothing wrong with South Florida. Live there, and love it. Always have good Uni riding weather it seems.

I remember I was of the early riders 1968, we traveled a lot, Macy days two Presidential Inaugurations countless Bowl games Monday Night Football & more, the best time for a kid could have.

Unfrtunately, no they are not. I was a member of the team for ten years, and they lasted maybe another 5 before it all went away… However I got a few of the unicycles from the coach. It was a fun time, and ALWAYS a great little something that always baffles my friends… sometimes I wish it could be revived…

cabster… Do you still ride?

St. Helens unicycle team

After nearly 21 years of dormancy, we have resurrected the team. We consist of former members, and our children, as well as some new riders, Approximately 30+ members ranging in age from 8 yrs. old to 59. Since April of 2013 we have appeared in 4 parades, Chardon Maple Festival both Saturday and Sunday, Newbury’s Memorial Day Parade, 4th of July Parade in Stow, Ohio and one performance. We are scheduled to appear in Middlefield, Ohio on July 27th, Mantua Potato festival the weekend of September 7th, Geneva’s Grape Festival Sept. 28th weekend. Also possibly Lake Erie islands parade in August. we currently Ride 3 foot and 5 foot unicycles but hope to have our 7 footers and 8 footers by the last parade.

cabster72 we have resurrected you can reach me at