St. Edwards Park MUni ride

Actually, Miles correctly answered Abraham Lincoln.

And I was sitting on the end of the table with the other normal head-sized unicyclists, including Irene. How does ThunderHooves ride with such a big head? A friend of mine always calls me Thomas Jefferson. I’m Jackson (like the $20). Ah, who can keep those bums separated anyway?

I posted some additonal photos of the ride, check 'em out: <;

Looks like fun! Im gonna have to come ridin’ with you guys sometime:)

I feel so stupid! I can’t believe that I just wrote the answer incorrectly. Thanks Greg for the correction.
I guess I will stop answering trivia questions for life.

That’s right. Thomas Jefferson was the guess all of us made and got wrong to the question “Which president is buried in Washington DC?”.

Hint: if you know which president is buried in Grant’s Tomb, you’re well on your way via process of elimination.

I realize that you’re explaining this to someone new, but aren’t all Steve Howard unicycles prototypes? That’s what makes them so cool.