St Croix State Park, Minnesota- August 22nd and 22rd, anyone?

Hey all. On the weekend of August 22nd and 23rd, I will be staying at the St Croix State Park, Minnesota. I will for sure have my unicycle with, and was wondering if anyone else was planning to be there, or would plan.

I was able to see St Croix’s trails last year, and find them pretty cool. From what i remember, there are some really cool natural trials also.

Anyone out there, feel free to join me. PM me i guess, otherwise just be there and unicycle. Everyone is welcome, but mind you i may have to leave sometimes for family time.

The trails are really great there. They’re just odd foot trails down the side of a vertical hill almost. The trails cross weirdly built wooden bridges, and anythign you can think of for somewhat technical MUni.

There were also some great trials from what i saw last year. There was a Massive tree felled in the middle of a trail, and had steps to climb over it. There was also a playground there, which looked pretty good for some trials’in also.

A lot of fun really great, technical, and just plain fun things to ride/do there.

The campsites are also really good. Nice little areas evenly spaced.

Hope to see you out there!


St Croix State Park is east of the twin cities a little. Its a really great camping area, and some really great trails.

I’ll be there the whole weekend of the 22nd and the 23rd. I dont really know what the weather will be like, but we can hope for sun. Being around the same date as last year, we had extreme heat that year.

PM me if you want more details, or contact me at -
my email -
My AOL Instant Messenger - Diechickenman51
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If you dont have a Unicyclist account, but still want to contact me, please register and post here.

Hope to see you!

Note: st. croix state park is north east of the cities. NNW actually, (its the purple text sorta north of the cities)


Sorry, I start college on the 22rd.

dang… That’d be sweet to ride with you.

oh yeah, if you are there, i wouldnt recomend running through patches of tall grass, leaves, and branches. I rode through a bees nest last year, got a few bites, and got stung once.

oh, also.

All styles, all levels welcome.

I’ll have my video camera there also, and all my A/V gear.

We could ride all night i’m sure, although we’d need to keep sound down. I think they have “quiet time” around 10 or 11.

bumping for joy

This camping trip is gonna be killer with my uni, hopefully some of you guys will come, and make it a sort of uni convention/ish.

Bring a helmet lol.

I will also have a friend coming, who also unicycles.

Please, contact me so i can plan to be meeting someone.

Contact me so i can plan for meeting/riding with someone.

My info (once again)
email -
AIM username - diechickenman51
Yahoo Username - diechickenman51
myspace -

note: bring helmet, and regular gear/padding. We dont want any injuries.

It also costs $20 a night to camp, and i also know they’re going to be pretty full, so it’d be very wise to make reservations a few weeks in advance to atleast get a site.

Camping and lodging details
map of campground


wow I would love to but I’m not very good and my parents would not let me

haha. Note the all levels part. I just wanna ride with someone. And your not good? ha, your probably better than my friend by a longshot.

btw, you in minnesota/wisconsin?

I’m gonna be in montana. Shucks.

Twenty-secord? cool.

edit: Oh wait, i get it. Graham said 22rd instead of 23rd in the title of the thread. I should be making fun of him instead.


gosh… that sucks…

i atleast hope someone in my age group, and my level will show up lol…

I Don’t live in minnesota but I live I live in Manitoba and it wouldn’t take that long o get there I was there last week end took 2 hours to get to Cabelas and I would love to ride with someone elss but since my parents Don’t want to drive I can’t go :frowning: if your ever closer to Manitoba pm me I I may be able to go!!!

oooooohhh… I see.

Darn canadians… lol… jk.

Ive been to canada once. It was cool, i got a canadian dollar there, and about 30 cents back. (at the time the US dollar didnt suck)


Please contact me if your going to go.

also, please note for no misconception on things:
-You must pay for your own campsite
-Bring your own stuff
-bring your own uni
-expect that at times i will have to do family activities, so dont become too attached, you’ll find something to do if i’m gone.

Hi, if you are going to go, please reserve a site now. There wont be many, or any sites available as we get closer to the date.

That weekend is a pretty popular time, so please reserve.

also, please contact me if your going to come.

it should be a pretty fun muni thing.


oh haha… i got my permit today, in all irelavance to the thread topic.

hey guys, bump.

oh, uhh leave me some messages if your wanting to come, i’ll try to check in when i can, but ive got soem stuff going on this weekend.


come on someone lol…

No way this thread is way too bumpy!

woo. Once again, bump. It’ll be a really fun weekend. A lot of muni and trials to do there.