St Augustine Beach, FL ...or nearby

I’ll be in St. Augustine Beach, FL for a week starting tomorrow night. Anyone live close to there?

Has anyone ridden at the Hard Rock cycle park in Ocala, FL?


I live 2 hours south of st augustine. Never been to that ocala park

I’m in Orlando.

If you guys are into muni, you should check out that place in Ocala. I went there years ago on a mountain bike. It’s a quarry that they converted to a mountainbike course.

I won’t be coming with a muni or I would try to break away from family time to ride there.

I did order a 28" Sun (for myself) and a 20" Sun (for a 9 year old) that should show up at a St. Augustine bike shop on Monday. The 9 year old has done some attempting to ride on a borrowed 16" torker. I’m hoping he’ll get his first 10 meters of riding while we are there. I ordered the 28" on a whim. I couldn’t stand the thought of going a week without a uni.

Would you guys consider coming up for a distance ride from St Augustine beach, to St Augustine downtown and back?


I’m packing a 20" Summit right now. Not really up for much of a distance ride… a downtown urban ride, possibly.