ssttreett vidd- En Th eeNd

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Nice! Good 82cm Rolling hop! And the music was shaky…but the riding was very good…I was just thinking today, when you were going to make a new video…

What kinda of Saddle is that?

keep it up!


Cool, good job on the editing. You did a great job!

The shirtlessness turned me on :roll_eyes:

Good video man, keep it up.


forrest u are gettin too good, and i envy ur good weather, its way too cold to go shirtless in shorts right now!

haha thanks guys. ya jordan fl rocks!

hey good to see your still around.

i loved ur 540 twist cause it was on flat. good mix of tricks with the roll and flips.

really enjoyed it cant wait to ride with you again.

jon A

yea dude that was sick. i like how u always seem 2 doubleflip 2 handed lol. good vid.

Awesome, I liked the flip to sideways ww, monkey kick out. Also the in2in tre up the curb was cool.

dope man, just friggin dope. u have those 540 unispins down cold. those are toughies…

thanks guys.

im pretty sure i only did that once in this vid. i finally learned them with one.

cool i love this video!

Cool flat vid. I like the 540. I can’t get very close on flat. on flat but way better down things.

I like your tre’s in to in because you turn a bit and it amuses me slightly.


why don’t you hav a seat over here…

anyways i liked it i just cant deal with anymore linkin park uni videos
very good

I hate Linkin Park too.

Damn you’re good! You seem to be consistant with these hard tricks, nice! :astonished: :smiley:

thanks guys.

five bucks to anyone who can tell me the trick at 1:30. i was proud of that trick.

inward flip?