Ssan Antonio/Aussstin Ssuper Ssaturday! (04-02-05)

I’m all eggsssighted about Ssan Antonio/Aussstin Ssuper Ssaturday!
Sso much ssso, that I sssoon desssided to possst the announsssment today.
With gasss pricesss being expensssive, I want to make sssure that the Ssan Antonio ridersss get the moneysss worth. After interviewing “the great” ridersss asss to how to improve, I found the common theme to be “let the terrain teach you.” Each of the following trailsss will enhance your riding ability by the time you return home. Here are my sssuggessstionsss:

Ssatan’sss 66 & and the Ssick Assscent
Thisss trail (alssso known asss “Emma Long” in “City Park”) isss bessst ridden at temperaturesss under 66 degreesss. Once the temp. goesss higher than that, Ssatan’sss ssspirit sssubtlely ssseizesss the trail and quite a bit of ssstepping (walking) ensssuesss. Trialsss like hopping and at leassst 100 1" dropsss accent thisss sssingle track loop. The dissstance isss five to ssseven milesss. After lunch (at the nearby Ssubway?) and a ressst we can do the “Ssick Assscent” (alssso known asss Beauford Hill). It isss ssso sssteep that they sssliced the asssphalt for traction. It makesss Jessster Hill look sssimplissstic.

Sspin the Ten
Thisss trail isss endlesssss sssingle track. It isss an Intermediate trail - more like a Ssunday ride compared to the other trailsss. It isss alssso known asss “Walnut Creek.” What makesss it exciting (at leassst for me) isss riding all 10-11 milesss UMX-ssstyle (few breaksss, ridden continuousssly rather than “Sstop-and-Sstudy”). There are tight turnsss, moderate climbsss and dessscentsss. Ss. Wallisss can be asssssured that hisss injury will not prevent him from having fun ssspinning away.

Ssingletrack on a Sslope
Thisss isss “Sspin the Ten” on crack. Hidden behind a “Toy’sss R Usss” thisss sssingle track isss almossst all sssloped. Desssigned for dirt jumpersss there are banked turnsss and jumpsss that clear 6 foot pitsss. After a rain, partsss of it become too ssslick to ride. From what I have ssseen on video, thisss isss isss like “North Sshore sssansss the man made ssskinniesss and trail.”

Ssweet Ssixteen
Thisss sssuggessstion includesss “Ssingletrack on a Sslope” with the underssstanding that the return climb will be walked :slight_smile: After the firssst dessscent, the trail looksss easssier than it isss. Mild hopping, climbing and ssspeed isss needed to ssspin thisss sssection. Lassst time I rode it, there were at leassst 40 low branchesss - making the ride much more ssstrenuousss for taller ridersss. Outssside of the part where you will grab a chain to walk the ssside of a cliff, the trail isss bessst ssspun with ssspeed. If we’re really ambitiousss, we can continue up (and back down) the “Hill of Life” (which isss probably 10 milesss round trip).

You’ve ssseen it. You know you want to ride it. On Capital of Texasss Highway there isss a sssussspensssion bridge. Jussst before it there isss a very ssshort assscent that combinesss “Ssatan’sss 66 with Ssingle Track on a Sslope.” Beyond that there isss a little trail that could be ridden (by sssomeone with more ssskill than I have). There isss a 20 foot sssection that I sssimply could not get enough ssstopping traction on - even after sssix triesss :frowning: I did not go farther - but perhapsss you could. Remember: Everything you dessscend you mussst Assscend and vissse versssa. To make thisss sssuggessstion more sssatisssfying, there isss a twin trail acrosssss the ssstreet WITH pedessstrian hasssardsss!

I want the Ssan Antonio/Aussstin Ssuper Ssaturday! to be sssatisssfying for everyone, ssso I’m open to sssuggessstionsss. The format from the Ssan Antonio event (ride, lunch, ride) wasss sssuper.

Ssorry about all of the “Ssesss” I couldn’t ssstop. :wink:

Anybody that is within a day’s drive should do everything possible to make this ride!

Two weeks ago Dave gave me a clinic at City Park and it was one of the best rides of my life. I just wish that I could have taken more time to play on each challenge. I live 600 miles away and if I could get away I would gladly make the drive - again. All of you in Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi, or west Tennessee (or access to frequently flyer miles) should mark your calendars NOW!

Also, while you are there in Austin be sure to hit the Magnolia Cafe on So. Congress and order “Paul’s Acorn Squash.”

(Thanks, again, Dave!)


I am in, count me in, bags packed. New riding area sounds perfect. Anyone that wonts to carpool let me know. I just got a new bottle of FABREEZE!

I really hope that JEFF PRADO can make the ride. He usually works Saturdays at the bike shop, but maybe he can swindle a day off. He hasnt been able to make the rides lately, but I am sure he and his son are spinning like mad!

DALLAS, can any of you guys make it???

I’m pretty sure I’ll be going, that is if ya’ll don’t mind taking a break every now and then to let the “old man” catch his breath :wink:

You got to ride with Dave (Orchard)?
His riding style (partly due to less stopping ability with shorter cranks) inspired me to ride Emma Long with less fear. The trick to the trail is to “relax” and “go for it” - otherwise it is easy to run out of steam and end up walking a bunch. Once I analyzed Dave’s style, I went from static drops to rolling them. Hopefully Dave will be able to make it that Saturday (regardless of where we ride).

Riding with Dave would trully have been a treat, but if I’m not mistaken you were stuck with me (Drew). I didn’t mean it to be a clinic so much - but I definately wanted you to get the “flying feeling” that “Satan’s 66” has to offer. Besides, I could see that you really had all of the skills to rip up that trail after a couple of times riding it.

As Tmornstar can testify, “Satan’s 66” started cool and then warmed up to 68-78 degrees - thus envoking “walkage.” I think we put in about a mile of walking - and we took a shortcut! Moreover, I have never really been able to recover once Satan joins the ride.

If riders elect to do this trail, please plan ahead (pre-hydrate and bring extra water (all 70 ounces) for the trail). Once mscalisi and I were supported by one pack of water - and walking ensued!

/off to call Dave :slight_smile:

My bags will be packed once I get my 19" fixed. :astonished:

Hey Drew, forgive me. I meant “Thanks Drew”, not Dave.


Not to worry, helped me correct my self-absorbtion a bit. :slight_smile:

Hey Drew, I’ve just had a change of plans and won’t be able to make the trip to Austin this weekend :frowning:

Emma Long / Beauford Hill has been selected as the featured ride with the possibility of doing other things (like the fun section of cliffside near the bridge on 360).

We will meet on 2222 and Jester Hill. The same place the Jester Hill Race began. Meet in front of the “Subway”/quick stop Store in the small shopping plaza. From there, we will drive to the trailhead.

9AM sharp.
We should start early to help guarantee cool weather. I expect the temperature to be between 55 and 60 degrees as we start warming up to the high of 73° after we are done with Emma Long.

The great thing about Emma Long is that sections that are too difficult for the individual rider can be safely walked (at about the same pace as the more advanced riders). Ridden correctly (in a rolling fashion) you’ll experience the fun feeling of your stomach dropping and little squirts of adrenaline!

Hope to see you there!

P.S. Bummer Krashin’ Kan’t Kome. :frowning: Well, you are welcome whenever you find the time - I’ll even Kustomize a ride for you when you Kome! :wink:

Thanks Drew, I’m sure we’ll get together again soon :slight_smile:

ANYONE HAVE A FINAL COUNT OF WHO IS GOING? I dont want to be the only one…Kenny out, JR maybe, Scott out?

Jerry and Eric will be there.
There are several reasons why I shouldn’t go, and I will be making that drive next weekend for the Coker ride. But , I still have not totally ruled it out.


Yes, I will be here (there) and Jerry is coming. Please don’t not come.


Yes. Please “don’t not” come.
In other words . . . please attend.

confirmed so far . . . .
SteveOwe (Steve)
onefiftyfour (Eric L.)
JerryG (Jerry)
Bob22 (Eric H.)
ChangingLINKS (Drew)


not riding:
Duane, AJ, Dave, Kenny

Sorry guys, I’m not going to make it. I certainly wanted to and I know you will have fun.


Now that everyone has committed to bailing out, I dont want to make the drive by myself. I hate to do it, but I am bailing out too. I am sorry for the trouble, but we will have to plan another weekend. Seems that everyone has stuff going on this weekend, and I can work this weekend and maybe hit it next weekend instead.

Hey SteveOwe, Check your PM’s.

Here’s are some photos and movies from the ride.

The photos are all out of order. I was having trouble reordering them. Oh well.

It was a great ride. Riders were me, changinglinks, jerryg, and bob22.