Squeaky uni

Hi! I have a 24" muni with a miyata saddle. I was outside riding it earlier and it started squeaking. First I thought maybe it was the cranks or spokes or something, but then I thought it sounded like maybe the saddle was squeaking. I’m not sure. Has anyone else’s unicycle started squeaking suddenly? Is it normal, or is there something I should do? It’s not terribly bad, but I know it wasn’t doing it before. Thanks!


My spokes creak… they’re generally quite quiet when cycling normally but dropping off kerbs or hopping is noisy. I’ve not plucked up the courage to sort it out yet.

Other things have squeaked or creaked occasionally; generally taking them off, giving them a bit of attention and putting them back on again helps. It doesn’t half feel silly when squeaking along past people… :slight_smile:

Phil, just me

I know this has come up before. I would say you should do a search of previous threads, but I can’t even think of the keywords to use…

I had a squeak on my Pashley at one point. It sounded like the saddle. Turns out the bolts that hold the frame to the lollipops needed to be tightened. They were already pretty tight, but they were at just the right tension to allow the rubbing and the squeaking.

So, if your uni has the lollipop style bearing holders, I’d say try tightening those bolts and see what happens.

ABOVE ALL ELSE YOU MUST check that your cranks are on tight.
Pull the little plastic cap off (use a flate bladed screw driver) and use a 14 mm socket and tighten up the nut (or on some models, bolt) that attaches the crank to the end of the axle.

Anything else squeaking is a nuisance, but a squeak from a loose crank is an expensive nuisance. If it damages the taper at the end of the axle, that’s a new hub - which means a new wheel or a wheel rebuild. A loose crank can come on gradually or suddenly. Check it before riding again. 2 minute job saves much misery.

When tightening up a squeaky crank itis a good idea to whack the cranks together with a hammer, after placing them between a couple of blocks of wood to prevent damaging the cranks themselves. If this doesn’t make sense to you get a mechanically inclined friend and make him some cookies. Cookies are good.