Squeaky poznanter profile + KH 06 frame

I have a very franken Muni with profile hub and cranks and a blue kris holm frame. I bought the bearing shim rings from Unicycle.com to make this setup fit and it worked fine if I tightened it down pretty hard but now it has started squeaking really badly. Also, the bearings can move back and forth along the axle a bit (The spacer loops are a bit to short).

I have put anti seize on every crank and hub part, except for inside the hub itself.

What I would like is to get this unicycle to ride smoothly without squeaking and the wheel feeling a bit loose side to side. I could probably fix the frame sliding on the axle problem by cutting some little rings out of sheet metal, but anyone got any tips about the squeakiness?

Also, I am considering just selling the profiles and buying a new Kris Holm Moment crank and hub set. That should fit perfectly with the 06 KH frame right?

not an expert on profiles by no means, but profiles are known to creack quite alot (the very close 48 splines cause this)

yeah a moment crankset will work perfect, but a profile crankset creaking will still work fine. If you watch the old trials videos you will notice all their uni’s creak.

si senora?

not an expert but here’s some useless advice… I doubt the splines are causing the creaking unless the splines are quite worn and the crank bolts are loose. The OP said he’s anti-siezed everything (I assume that includes the crank splines)…

This sounds like the classic “keyway slop” issue that has come up many times with older Profile hubs. Axle shims aren’t going to fix your problem, this will require a bit of work + elbow grease.

I believe Profile updated their hub design at some point (perhaps a couple years ago) such that newer unicycle hubs don’t suffer from the “keyway slop / creak” problem as much.

Check out these Loose Profile keyway advice and potential fixes for your problem. Also search the fora for “keyway slop” if you’re looking for more info. There’ve been plenty of threads on the topic.