Squeaky MG-1s

My MG-1s have been squeaking like crazy lately. I see that there is a rubber ring near the pedal threads that if I use a screw driver and just kind of lift it up and then push it down then the squeaking goes away for a while, but comes back soon. If I push that same rubber ring up with the screw driver, I hear a different metal sound.

What can I do about the squeakiness? I don’t feel any issues with the pedals, but the noise is annoying.

(I tried searching for squeaky pedal, but most of the results just dealt with people suggesting investigating cranks/spokes, etc, this noise is definitely coming from my pedals and if I just spin the pedal while the uni is on the ground I hear the squeaks)

is the rubber ring wet when it squeaks? Mine did that when they were wet.

Nope, it isn’t wet. It has been squeaking for a while now, I wonder if there is anything with the pedal bearing or something I can do.

pull them apart and grease the brass bush,that should stop it.my set did it and i though they were stuffed,greased the bush and there sweet as now.

The brass bush?? What is that?

I found this posted on a mtb forum about other pedals:
“At the 3 month mark they start to squeak like trainers (sneakers) on a polished floor. It’s caused by the outer rubber seals drying up and shrinking slightly, but a small blob of grease or a drop of oil will cure the problem.”

Sounds VERY similar to my issue. Does this imply that I should put oil (like chain oil?) under the rubber seal near where you use the pedal wrench? Or do I need to take out that hex bolt on the outside of the pedal and squirt some oil in there?

I’ve had two pairs, and they’ve always squeaded. I just get some pedal grease (green stuff), pull apart the plastic o-ring and shove some grease down there.

I’ve only done this once and the first pair lasted a year till I snapped them.

There’s probably a better way of doing it, but for trials the squeaking dissapeared immediatly after a little grease.

Grease is your friend. Try and use good quality grease. It really makes a difference

Google search: Phil Wood grease. Hands down the best for any application like the Chris King or KHU of greases other than threads (where copper grease always stands above other greases)

On a side note: Want light pedals? Lighter than the MG1 Ti’s?.. Echo SL Ti pedal, stronger bearings, more aggressively shaped, lighter, tougher body and tougher pin design. Higher quality and CNC’d. Go fetch! :wink:

There is a bearing and a brass bush,were the axle and pedal body meet,
the bearing stays lubricated and after time the bush drys out.so it needs to be greased.
Undo the alloy cap that uses an Allen key,under that there’s a 9mm nut,undo that and the body slides off.wipe down axle,clean inside pedal body.apply grease and reinstall.should be nice and quite for some time.

Do one pedal at a time to not mix up axles and bodies.

Where did you get the pedals from?
In my experience the more expensive ones last much longer than the eBay ones.I understand that the $80-$100 AUD compared to $40AUD,but there rubbish,there pedals that don’t meet quality control and sold off as factory seconds.

I’ve got these pedals on all bikes and unis and there all getting on in years,about 3 years now and there’s as smooth and slop free as the day I got them,just scratched up.
,I’ve also got the cheap eBay ones and lucky to of had them for 2 months and slop and rattles started.

I got them from ebay over a year ago and they started squeaking a few weeks ago.

I undid the allen bolt, but unfortunately I cannot remove the 9mm nut, my socket wrench bits don’t fit in that tiny hole on the outside of the pedal. I guess I need to find a better tool…

Since I hate when threads don’t have conclusions, I thought I would update this in case anyone else was searching for an easy solution.

I didn’t have a tool to remove the hex nut, so I couldn’t remove the pedal body.

What I did was remove the hex bolt on the end with my multi tool and then put some lube (tri-flow chain lube) down the opening, because grease wouldn’t penetrate through the pedal body.

This fixed the squeaking problem, and the pedal spins a lot better now too.

Echo SL Ti is the same as the Welgo MG-1 with Ti axle… Do you mean Echo TR Ti? because I can’t choose between these ones or the MG-1(not with the Ti).