Squeaking Velo

Interesting to read about the bits and pieces that are starting to wear as the Velo racks up some kilometres of riding.

I have three Velo seats, one for each of my uni’s and each one is starting to squeak. The squeaking is particularily loud when I am free mounting or riding down hill. It sounds like it is the seat sort of flexing on the top of the post.

Now, if I tighten down the bolts the squeak very briefly disappears. But I am a little concerned that the constant tightening is just pressing the seat post base further into the plastic base of the seat.

Anyone else experiencing this squeaky Velo problem?

BTW, I recently did a lock tight number on the bolts of the Velo but still the squeaking persists… and of course after the locktight party I haven’t done any bolt tightening… hummm, so I wonder if the squeaking is going to get to the point where I have to wear ear plugs when I’m out riding:(


yeah, mine squeaks too… i didn’t want to blame it on the seat, since i have the cheapest seatpost it’ll fit, that unicycle.com sells… but mine squeaks too :\

so the seatpost squeaks, the cover’s tearing under normal use, the bolts freespin, as an early adopter mine doesn’t have a reinforcement plate…

gotta love this sport,
John M

p.s. i do, i really do! <grumble>just some parts more than others</grumble>

Mine does this if the bolts loosen off. I’ve heard a solution to the seat bolts freespinning which is to get some thin nuts and put them on the bolts before attaching the seatpost, then the seatpost is attaching between a pair of bolts rather than onto the seat. This would probably fix the loosening problem too.


I wasn’t kidding about the bubble gum, kiddo, use it for a gasketing material! Don’t think of it as chewed up slobber-waste, but rather as highly refined latex. If you can’t bear to remove the mouth contents of a half dozen cheerleaders simply use a bit of silicone caulk from the hardware store. carjug, who uses earwax when driving woodscrews and should be fitting cabinet doors right now.

I have not come accross this problem yet, but my seat bolts do come undone. My solution is to use lock nuts or use locktight on the bolts.


Just a warning about using the lock nuts, as I found out tonight - see post re: spinning bolts - the lock nuts are tighter than ordinary nuts and really can exaserbate the Velo’s tendency to have bolts that spin in the seat base.

I think it may be best to go straight for the suggestion of putting nuts on the seat base side of the bolts and then, if anything, use locktight for the regular bolts.

Well, once I actually get the nuts that are trapped on the spinning bolts off, the above fix is going to be my next experiment.