Square taperd

I have a 20 inch unicycle w/t 2.5 luna and square tapered hub and I whant to know whats is the biggest drop I should be able to achieve w/o busting the thing

I’ve seen someone with very good technique land a 6 foot drop on a square taper with no problems.

I’ve also seen someone snap a square taper axle on a less than 1 footer by landing it hard.

I’d recommend not going for big drops on the square taper unicycle unless you are very confident that you have perfect technique.


what do you mean by that like what do you consider a big drop


oh and if it busted could I change the hub to isis how thoes that work??

I would think a big part of it would be how much you weighed as well. I don’t think I’ve seen any videos of big burly guys doing big drops on any unicycle. Probably a factor in how it feels, too!

if you want to ride it till it bust you will hav to buy new cranks and new hub and you will have to get the wheel rebult that will come to like 150$ or 160$ish

oh I wheigh 135

It’s not the size of the drop, it’s the repetition. Keep doing hard drops and eventually it’ll be time for a new axle. That’s pretty much it. If you want to do lots of drops, a splined axle is in your future. Ride accordingly. :slight_smile:

BTW, please put your question in the subject line.


so is splined axle stronger than isis or is it the same I’m confused :thinking: ?

isis is a type of spline

but is it stronger

There’s exactly one way to find out for sure.

Keep doing bigger and bigger drops until it breaks. Then you’ll know.

…to replace a square taper hub with an ISIS splined hub, you’ll need:
An ISIS hub, ISIS Cranks, New Spokes, A wheelbuild (either learn to do it yourself, or pay someone $30-$50)

edit: You’re actually more likely to bend or break your cranks long before you’ll break the hub, so you can just keep buying new square taper cranks. ISIS (or other splined) cranks will TEND to be stronger, but if you go cheap, you’ll still break em’.

EDIT: I presume that as you are the one who started the thread that was intended as a question. Please ignore my slightly assholesque previous answer if you saw it.

The main benefit of ISIS is that it allows components from different manafacturers to be interchanged, whether it is stronger than other specifications of spline or not is not a simple matter of record. It is certainly comparable in strength.

You’re prob fine up to 2 ft, but even if you never jump down more than a curb, eventually you will need to replace your cranks and hub.

Not all ISIS systems are strong. Koxx-One and Qu-Ax make both light and strong versions. So don’t assume just because it says it’s ISIS it’s burly. Also Koxx isn’t interchangable w/ anything else.

Strong ISIS hubs
Nimbus 36 hole (48 hole)
On this Qu-Ax (48 hole)
On this Onza

Is ISIS stronger then previous splined unis ?

Probably. The 05 series KH use a 20 mm axle. These seemed really strong, and used the cheapest bearing on earth, the legendary 3 billion sold each year 20x42 x 12 mm wide .

For a uni ISIS standard to replace the 20 mm axle, they(all makers) went to 22 mm. This is stronger, all other factors held constant, then a smaller size can be.

In doing so, a new , screwy, 22x42 bearing size was needed. The non legendary, uni only, a few thousand sold each year, 22x42x12 mm. That is why you can buy a 20 x 42 bearing for 1 $, but must pay 8 $, for a 22 x42 , only found in a uni shop. This is a petty unimportant comment on costs, but I’m like that.:slight_smile:

I think square hub unis can be a great deal. Cranks are 5 x cheaper, and you can get an uber light ax torker for < 200 $

Rather then bust your square drive hub, I would suggest finding a good deal on a KH 19, once you decide that you want to jump a lot. If you break your square hub, I would fix it with another rim or square hub cheap from UDC, and learn not to beat on that uni so hard.

The best way to get a trials uni is to find a good deal on a KH and buy one. The cost of multiple shippings, parts, assembly etc. , makes buying a cheaper uni, and fixing parts as they break, the sad way to go. :frowning:

At your weight, it’s kinda your call. I’m sorta fat so I don’t hop on my square drive unis. You might get away with it.