Square Taper Cranks (137-150mm)

I’m looking for some slightly longer cranks for my UDC club 24" cruiser. I learned to ride on the 127mm cranks but after getting a MUni with 150s I find the I really enjoy the extra leverage and the spinning circle feels more natural for me. The cheapest square taper cranks from UDC would be $25 shipped. I may just end up ordering from them but I figured I’d check here first.

So does anyone have a set of 137mm to 150mm square taper cranks in good condition that they wouldn’t mind letting go cheap?

Niagara Cycle Works has Torker LX cranks for 14.99.

I have a set of steel 150’s that are bent. You could definately get a shop to straighten them. I rode them bent and got used to it.

You can have them for the cost of shipping. Pm me if you are want them.

Thanks for the offer of the cranks and the link to Niagara, Jerry. I’ve ordered bike stuff from them several times in the past but it didn’t occur to me to check there. The LX cranks work out to less than $20 shipped for me and there are even cheaper options as well.

Thanks for getting back to me.

I might play around with them. After looking at them I realized that there is enough metal down the length to possibly drill them for another pedal mount. I’m thinking of straightening them and adding a 125mm position.